I was reading a review of CSA and several people stated that the baggage guys demanded tips from them. This will be my fourth trip to couples (leaving in two weeks!!!). Ive never had anyone demand a tip from me. I always tip the guy who takes my bag to the bus a few bucks, then I tip the driver 10 bucks when I get off the shuttle at the resort. I have no problems tipping. I would have a problem with someone blocking my entry to the bus and demanding a tip from me. A polite,"excuse me, i dont work for couples and I make all my earnings off tips" would work for me because some people might not realize this. I have seen the driver ask for money from couples who didnt tip once we arrived at the resort, but not in a rude way. I have also seen the guide for Dunn's river falls shake some people down as well. I understand they need to earn a living, but the bottom line is you tip people for good service. A tip is optional. Your not getting a tip for putting a tag on my bag at the lounge in the airport unless your the one loading it onto the shuttle. Like I said its a tip, its not a fee. I always tip, but if I dont want to tip then I wont. If you stand in front of me and demand a tip I will not tip you. Please tell me this is an isolated incident.