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    Default Going Back Home-Saturday

    Finally, the day has arrived. I have worked myself into a frenzy- packing, checking my packing, checking weather, flights, potential- awful delays...I am ready to see and experiance CSA again. Upgraded to first class for the arrival flights... I need a Blue Mountain Martini stat. Checked the spa selections... ready for some calaloo.. grouper...banana stuffed french toast.
    Yes, I know some of you are jealous but I have been reading your updates for a year. Now it is my turn. Sun and the absolute vacation awaits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ready set go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oooh, I am soooo jealous. We just booked for next March this morning so have 360 days to wait. Enjoy your return home. Each time we go is more special than the last.

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    Your right, I am jealous, as I sit at home with below zero weather and shiver at the thought of having to go out and scrape the ice of my car.
    Have a martini for me and have a fabulous vacation!!!!
    I only have 43 more weeks to go before returning to paradise :-)

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    Have a WONDERFUL time! I AM jealous! LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You're probably in route right now. Hope your vacation is could it not be though!!!

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    Have a great trip and a safe travel. We are looking forward to our upcoming vacation as well. Enjoy

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    Hope you're enjoying home! Any live updates would be more than welcomed! We just brought the suitcases upstairs so we're getting pretty wired about our trip home on April 16th! Have a rumpunch for me! Razzl

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