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    Default CSA October 2011

    Yay! We just booked CSA for October 26-Oct 30th! Celebrating our 20th anniversary. Only 4 nights
    because out 2 boys our heavily involved with baseball even in October! I have been an avid reader on this message board and have found much needed advice and information. Anybody else going during this week? BTW, we are from Connecticut and love all sports that are Boston!!

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    Lisa ~ Check out the "Meet Up at Couples" thread. See if there is a thread there for people going in October. If not, start one up. I'm sure you will meet people there. Have a wonderful time and happy 20th!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We will be there for our 2nd time and our 4th anniversary from Oct. 22 - 29. If you have never been to CSA, you will love it! The staff is fabulous, the grounds are gorgeous, the food is amazing, the spa is very relaxing and the sports complex is great. We are from Missouri. CSA is AMAZING!!!

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    My hubby and I are planning on booking the same dates that you'll be there; 23rd anniversay for us. It will be our first time to Jamaica and an all-inclusive.

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    This will be our first time at an all-inclusive as well! We are very excited!!

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