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    Default Honeymoon at CTI!!! June 2012

    We're new to Couples and to Jamaica, for that matter. We are going in early June and staying in an ocean jr. suite. I would LOVE to hear your opinions about the weather in Ocho Rios in early June, what it's like in an ocean jr. suite, and the loss of horseback riding (I'm sad that's going to be gone by the time we get there). Will it be possible to go horseback riding with an outside company/for a fee?

    We're super excited and I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say!

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    Welcome to Couples!

    There is a great group of people that regularly go to CTI in early June. My husband, Allan and I will be there from June 2-9, as will several other couples we are friends with. If you go to the "meet-up" threads for CTI for June 2010 and June 2011 you can see several couples who will be there during the time you will be there - (we've all booked for 2012 already!).

    -The weather in June has been great when we've been there.
    -You'll be able to get horseback riding through an outside vendor, yes.
    -I haven't stayed in an Ocean Jr, suite

    You've chosen a great place for your honeymoon, I promise. Looking forward to meeting you in 2012!


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