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    Default Mike & Dana 09-09-09 CSA

    Okay...I am starting to totally stress out...I feel I have still so much to do, but yet some of it can not be decided until we get to CSA.
    I know it will all be fine...but I just am worrying about too much, I'm sure!

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    No worries!!!! Just pack ur stuff and relax. I will be getting married at CSA on Sept 1st. I think I have all my ducks in a row, but I'm sure I'll be flying around the house like a crazy lady the night before our flight. It's hard not to worry about something. I'm just trying to ignore the fact that I am getting married in less than one month. In doing this, I'm keeping some of the stress at bay.
    Isn't it crazy to think "OMG- I'm actually getting married??"
    seems surreal to me.
    Good luck and congratulations!!

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    Definitely don't stress about it! We just got married at CSA on 8/3/09 and it was absolutely stress-free!! The wedding coordinator was wonderful and took care of everything. We didn't add anything different though so that could be why it was so easy. They come to pick you up in your room 10 minutes before and you walk down the beach and 15 minutes later, you are married! It was so hot that day I am so glad I didn't have a huge wedding dress and my husband didn't wear a suit. He would've probably died because it was so hot. We were married at 10 and on the beach in the water by stress free. Just relax and enjoy it because it goes by way too fast!

    If you have any questions about anything....let me know, I would be more than happy to answer questions for you!

    Meghan and Jeremy from Vermont

    CSA 8/3/09!!!

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