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    Default Which Resort for WeddingMoon?

    We originally thought that we wanted to get married at CTI. After seeing the hotel in the pictures I just don't think it's the "feel" we're looking for.. We're leaning towards CN Or CSA now and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? We're leaning towards those two because of the beaches.

    Also- We're mid to late I'll be 26 he will be 29 when we go and we'd like to meet some new people while there and socialize. I'm wondering which resort would be best for our age group.

    We've almost 100% decided to hire Stacey Clarke for photography after the wedding and go with the resort photographer for the ceremony. I'd like shots on the beach or anywhere cool off the resort afterwards. I'm sure the photographer will have some idea where to go. Anyone know of anywhere we could get great shots on the CN end?

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    We picked CSA and couldn't have been happier. I recommend checking out the pics as one resort should call to you. You can't go wrong with either but CSA is our favorite. If you would like to see a couple of our pics, I could email them. We are going back for trip#4 to CSA in 28 days Yea! Good luck, sara

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    CSA is a beautiful setting for a wedding. We have been going the past 20 years and renewed our vows for 10th anniversary on the beach and then cake in the gardens. It's so romantic. We are going back to CSA in July for our 20th anniversary. The resorts are all age groups. I am 61 years old and every one gets along and is friendly. You will meet a lot of young and old. Enjoy where ever you pick. Couples puts on a beautiful wedding and makes your stay so pleasant. The best to you. Sharon in Milwaukee.

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    Oh yes I'd love to see a few. You can email them to Thanks so much

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    We are getting married at CSA in June. We went to CSA last year and we fell in love. We are both 26 years old and loved all the activities. It is a very nice beach as well. I have heard that CN's clientele are a bit older. I think you guys would love CSA!

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    After looking at the pictures ONE MORE TIME! We've decided to get married and stay 5 nights at CSA and then go over to CTI for another 7 nights! I'm really interesed in CSA and FH is really interested in CTI so we're going to do both!

    Now I just need to tell my travel agent. haha Poor lady

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    CN all the way. I was married there last week and everything was perfect!! Either way you can't go wrong!

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    Are there things going on at night? We don't want to be crazed party animals but we don't want to be in bed at 8 pm either
    Are the pools/ hot tubs open late?

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    the pools and hot tubs at csa are open all the time. A late night jacuzzi dip is wonderful under the stars. There is stuff to do but usually its MUCH later... thats my one complaint about csa is that you have dinner around 5/6/7 pm and then theres nothing going on until 10 or 11 pm. We usually plan on going to the night things but end up falling asleep before 10 rolls around. lol

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    Lol. Yes I could see us doing the same but it's ok! Thanks

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    Hi guys! I just returned from CSA! It was our 3rd trip there and this time our wedding!!! Our wedding was so perfect I cannot even tell you what a wonderful day it was. We also used Stacey Clarke for our photos, and my husband who was a little reluctant to spend the money at first said it was the best decision we made! She was so great!!! She already gave us our CD which had over 300 images on it, and I can tell you they are all wonderful!!! I cannot imagine only picking 36; there would be no way possible!!! If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures (for some reason they wouldn't upload on here), you can find me on facebook under Kristy Surrency Soldati, but I'll have to approve you as a friend because my facebook is set to private. Just send me a message saying you're from the Couples Message Board!!! I have over 100 posted on there. I'm so excited for all you guys!!! It will be the best day ever!

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