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    Just curious, has anyone taken bubbles for when you walk back down the aisle or anything? I haven't seen any in photos and when I searched the message board I didnt (immediately) find anything.

    I wanted to take some for my guests, but wasn't sure.

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    I have seen pictures with bubbles on a different board. You can have some really good photo effects with them. The only problem is the wind, they might blow back into the guests face.

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    it's all in fun i'm taking the BIG bubble wands. may take an extra second to blow and another second more to fly back in their face. We all have a good sense of humor.

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    im bringing three boxes of bubbles for our wedding at csa. I'd really like the bubbles to be blown after we have our 'first kiss' and then walk down the isle I bought them at oriental trading company for a really great price

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    i got mine for $1 each (when i say they are mega bubble sticks, i sure mean it) and we have very few guests. thanks for making me feel better they are from the kid's aisle at walmart. super fun!

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    wow megga bubble sticks that will be alot of fun. I don't have that many guests but its still on my list of maybe to bring!

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    we only have about 6 people joining us. I'll have photos. The bubble sticks are about a foot long. The wand is oblong to make big round bubbles.

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    kayjo - you will have to show us pictures of the bubbles in action when you get married. !

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