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    Hi everybody! My fiance and I just booked our sunset wedding at CSA on 4/19/12 and could not be more excited!!! We're expecting around 20 guests for our wedding and are wondering what would be the best options for the reception... I've read in other threads about a "beach bonfire" but have yet to hear any details about it. Do you go somewhere to have dinner first? Also, how would the first dance work for this? I'm open to all suggestions and would LOVE to see any reception pics you guys have! Thank you so much!

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    what time is your wedding scheduled for?

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    The WC said the ceremony will be around 5:30...

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    Oh so you have quite a few options... personally i wouldn't do the beach bonfire. It can be really warm and i wouldn't want my guests sweating outside. You could use the room near the piano bar (towards the back)... thats a decent sized room..or you could use the night club space, or you could just 'rent' out a section of the palms or patios. You will do your first dance in whatever space you choose, as long as you're doing the reception. If you're not paying extra for that (15$ cold aps and 20$ warm), then you'll be able to have the first dance/toast/cake in the garden area near the gazeebo or on the beach. Hope that helps

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    Thanks Ashntommy! That does help! They really don't go into enough detail about the reception options on the site... thanks again!

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    We had a sunset wedding at CSA and did go for the cold apps. It was raining, so we ended upstairs inside. We had our first dance, cut the cake and toast there. As ashntommy said, you will do that after you sign the wedding certificates and they do a few photo's. they will have it all set up and escort you and guests to where the cake, toast and first dance will be in the garden, unless you have reserved and paid for another spot. Good luck!

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