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    Hi we are flying West Jet out of TO and I am wondering what anyones experience has been as far as time from deplaning making it through customs nothing to declare and being greeted by a smiling front desk person at CN. 2-21/2 hrs Let me know Thanks mc

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    It takes about 10 minutes to get to customs from the plane (if you walk fast).

    Customs takes between 10 minutes and and hour and a half depending on how many planes landed right before yours and how many people got off your plane before you did.

    The wait in the Couples Lounge is between 10 and 20 minutes, on average.

    The van ride to CN takes from 1:15 to 1:45 depending on traffic and stops along the way.
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    Same as someone who has something to declare. Its quite easy, and you have to go through the lines and the process either way.

    After you get through immigration and customs, look for the Couples Lounge, check in with the smiling Couples agent, and give yourself over to their care.

    Paradise is then about 1-1/2 hours away.

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    It depends on your arrival time and day of the week. If you arrive at the same time as several other flights getting through customs and immigration takes a while, if yours is the only flight or one of few then you'll get through with little waiting. Once you get to the Couples lounge you'll generally only wait 10-15 minutes and you'll be on your way. The ride to CN is a little over an hour as a rule. Again this can depend on your arrival time though, we happened to arrive when it had been raining for about 24 hours so streets in Montego Bay were flooding, school was getting out and our driver said many people were getting off work early due to the weather so traffic was unreal. Our trip to CSA (about 10 minutes further than CN) was almost 2 hours. On a normal day you can probably get from the plane to CN in somewhere around 3 hours if you figure 15 minutes to deplane, 60-75 minutes in customs and immigration, 15 minutes in the lounge and 75-90 minutes ride to the resort.

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    We fly on TimAir from MoBay to Negril. On our last trip in September 2010, we were at CN 55 minutes after stepping off of our plane in MoBay.
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    Hi MC, we will be making that same trip for the third time in 30 days. 2.5 hours is not a bad average to use. You should be through customs in about 30 minutes (depending on how many planes arrive at at the same time as yours), exiting Couples, turn left and go to the Couples airport lounge for a quick Red Stripe, then hop your shuttle for a 1.5 to 2 hour ride to your resort.

    You're going to love Couples!


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    Wow - it totally depends on when you arrive at MBJ - time of day, day of the week, time of year etc. Last May we arrived around 1:00 pm on a Saturday and we were on the Couples bus in 20 minutes. However this year March 5th (again 1:00 pm on a Saturday) it took 2 hours to get through immigration, customs and the Couples Lounge before we were on the bus and then a +90 min.bus ride. We have been to Jamaica 19 times and have never seen the lines so long. Unfortunately the lines were just as long going home on a Saturday. It seemed like all the planes were landing and taking off at the same time!

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    Hello fellow Canadian

    My husband and I (from Midland, Ontario) flew out of Toronto last April via West Jet and have to say we were longer then what I'd expected getting out of the airport. There was some confusion with the immigration paperwork (WESTJET told us one per family, turns out we needed one per person) so that delayed things a little. We landed at approx. 1:30 and we weren't in the bus until about 3:30. There was also some confusion with luggage/who was going on what bus, etc. Fortunately we were so happy to be there we didn't care but I was happy to get going! Once we were on our way it was a little over 90 minutes with a stop for a bathroom break. We're heading back (this year to CTI) in April and am hoping that we are on our way a little quicker. Do enjoy the ride though...beautiful Country and a great way to see some culture and countryside. Jamaica is far more then beautiful resorts and I look at the bus ride there as an excursion in itself!

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    Much about time has to do with how many planes may have arrived around your time. Things go pretty quickly at Immigration. Be sure to fill in all forms BEFORE you get off the plane. Luggage comes out promptly. Try to "mark" your luggage with tape or ribbons to spot it easily. Customs is quick. You wait no more than 25 minutes at the Couples lounge and then you're off to the hotel. The ride is about an hour and a half depending on traffic.

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    deplaning is fast, customs is fast, they get you in a shuttle pretty quickly, but depending on the day of the week and the time you arrive you may hit MoBay rush hour traffic will add 30-45 mins to your trip, and the more people on your shuttle the longer the stop at the gas station will take. A lot of people dont like to stop, but I like to pick up a few bottles of redsripe bold, as you cant get it on the resort, and to recycle the red stripe I drank in the lounge!.

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    Last time we flew with West Jet, we did not take off on time, we were about 25 minutes late, so we landed about 25 minutes late. There was no reason we were given why we left so late. Any kind of delay can happen.

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    We have flown into MBJ six times and I am always amazed at how fast we get through customs, the lounge and onto a shuttle. It's amazing!

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    Thanks folks this very helpful sooner have my butt on a beach than on a bus

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