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Thread: August 2011!!!

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    Default August 2011!!!

    Where are all the August people?? Let's get this thread going My husband and I will be at CTI August 13-21. This will be our 5th time to Couples, 1 CSS and 4 CTI.

    -Aug 13-21
    -Drew(26) and Brandi(26)
    -Island- YES!!

    If you are going in August post what your dates are, age, If you will be going to the island, and where your from

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    Coconut! Thrilled you started a new August thread. We were gettin our asses kicked by the other summer threads
    Francine & Jay 8/18-8/23
    Late 30's ISLANDERS!
    3rd trip there in 13 months

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    142 days to go!!! Man I've got Couples fever. I just got a new Scentsy warmer and bars. Most of the scents I got are tropical. Can't wait to get home and plug my warmer in and listen to some Regaee on Pandora! I hope we get some more people on this August thread. Well back to work.

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    I'm beginning to think we might be the only ones there!

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    You're not the only ones....

    We were originally booked to go at the beginning of May but had to push it off. So....

    Terra & Chris
    34 & 33
    August 20-27
    This is our third time in 2 years.
    No island as of yet but just may do it this time around

    Hope to see you guys there!!


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    Terra, I hope we get to meet you then! We'll be at CTI for our weddingmoon at CTI about the same time you will be there!

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    -July 31-Aug 7
    -Kevin (44) and Angela (42)
    -Island- yes
    -South Carolina

    Our 3rd time to Couples ... CSS (2008) and CSA (2009). This is our 20th anniversary trip!!!!!

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    -August 21-26
    -Ryan (25) & LeAnne (24)
    - Island (Maybe )
    - Virginia

    We will be heading to CTI for our honeymoon! Hope to see some of you guys there! We are so excited!

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    Loved CTI so much we booked a split trip to try CN. CN 7/26-7/29, CTI 7/29-8/2. Cya there!!! Guess we have to post this in a few different places to catch the right lists
    CTI 2010
    CN/CTI 2011
    Couples Somewhere 2012...Booking soon!!!!

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    Hubby and I will be at CTI from 8-22/8-29

    Celebrating both or our birthdays and our 13th anniversary

    Jeanette 46, Pat 47 on the 27th of August
    Island - weeeellll....probably
    CN 2006, 07
    CTI, 2011
    CSA book for 2012

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    We will be at CTI from 7/31 to 8/6

    Celebrating Hubbys 51st birthday!
    Lisa 42, Jerry 51 on 8/2
    Island- Hopefully can talk hubby into it
    CTI 2010

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    We will be heading down for our first time Aug 10-17th

    Celebrating Marks's 29th Birthday, Amber's 26th Birthday, and our 3rd Anniversary
    Mark (29) , Amber (26)
    Island- We will have to see
    First Time to any Couples

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    This will be our fourth Couples stay and second time to CTI. We'll be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary (August 7) a couple of weeks late.

    - August 22-29
    - Don (54) and Corlis (51)
    - Islanders
    - Georgia

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    This will be our 8th trip to Couples. We have split trips with CN. We miss CTI! Last time we were there was the Grand Re-opening. Nick and Wendy will be arriving from South Carolina on August 19th-27th. Counting the days.

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    Only 24 days until we are back home!!! Can't wait to be back at CTI for our 5th time Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!!

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    We will be there August 26th- sept 2nd and getting married the 29th. Will anyone be there? Would like someone to take some pictures for us

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    Slewis--My fiance and I will be there! We are getting married before you but we can meet up and take your pics. We are still trying to find someone to do that for us!

    I have an older but still nice Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera that I'm bringing. If you brought your own Compact Flash Card for it, I'd just give it right back to you with all your photos on it!!!

    what is your email address?

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    my first post, so a quick intro.... i'm chelle, some may recognize my name from another place, but if you don't, i'm a long time jamaica traveler, fan and have even lived there for awhile... hubby is Jamaican...

    we've got 4 days booked (Aug 26-30th) to celebrate my birthday (29th) and getting 4 days sans children for the first time in over 2 years!!!!

    now why has time just slowed to a stop?

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    We will be heading down for our first time Aug 8-13

    Celebrating our honeymoon
    Kris (27) and Jamie (27)
    Island - Only time will tell

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    its thatd be awesome

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    Slewis--Check your email!

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    Hi everyone! We did the Secret Rendezvous deal and just found out we will be at CTI!

    Daniel & Christina
    29 & 28
    August 12-18
    First timers (honeymooners)
    Islands- don't know (i need to start researching)

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    Default Any Golfers?

    Nick and I arrive on the 19th and depart on the 27th. He loves to golf early and be back by lunch. Anyone interested in sharing a cart and enjoying a golf round?

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    We depart tomorrow at 0520 for a week of heaven. I am so thrilled. See you there!!

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    Our visit is getting so close we are counting the MINUTES now!

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