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    Default best drinks for the calorie/carb watcher at CSA

    What are some drinks that are lower in calories and carbs at CSA? I usually limit my self to just one hummingbird per day....even though I could sip on them all day! Counting the days until July 11...

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    Having been a bartender, i would recommend gin or vodka & tonic. Most other booze & mixers including juices have sugar in them.

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    I usually drink club soda with rum and a splash of juice. Very refreshing and tasty and low in calories. Plus you get some hydration and vitamin C, too.
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    I'm not sure what you like to drink but Vodka and club soda with lime is a good low carb drink. Plus, it's not sweet so you can drink it all day!

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    NOT a dirty banana...I love them.

    This is why we diet before we go.

    Life is good

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    Thanks for posting this since it is on my list of questions. The thread that someone posted that they had gained 14 pounds because of how good the food was really scared me.

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    Water lol. Seriously though, the tap water there is really good so maybe make a policy of making sure every other drink is water or something like that.

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    We always go armed with carb blocker pills and chitosan for fat trapping. We then consume what we want without much damage.

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    Vodka Slush is not too bad!

    Vodka, Lime juice, ice blended well.

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    Vodka seltzer or wine are you best bets. Add a splash of grapefruit and it's delicious! FYI, tonic is very high in sugars=calories. For some reason, I find most people assume it's low because it's bitter. Brown liquor is always higher than clear in calories.

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    One of my favorite low carb drinks is white rum and soda water with lime.

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    if you do want a blended drink, just get it without the simple syrup I do it all the time.

    carb blocker pills and chitosan!?!? It's all about calories in and calories out.
    Erika & Sean

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    What are carb blocker pills and where do you get them???


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    I stick to club soda with lime by day then enjoy my GG martini before dinner and wine with.

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    Lucky for you Couples places their resorts in the only spot on the island that the atmostpheric pressure and gravitational pull of the earth neuteralize all carbs and calories in the food and drinks!
    Well that's what sticking with! 35 days til CN!!

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    I agree with the club soda idea. It's more refreshing than sugary mixes, and you can still add a splash of any juice for more flavour, along with either rum or vodka. My standby when all those yummy but deadly blender drinks make me full and bloated is vodka, soda and a splash of cranberry... or rum, soda and mango... yum (actually I'm not sure if Couples has mango juice but I've had it elsewhere and it's yummy)
    Hubby is a gin and tonic sort, but that's not for me!

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    They have a gym, and it's quite handy at keeping calories at bay. As is the swimming pool, ocean, and sandy beaches for walking! Let's not forget inside games (wink wink). Soda water/club soda/sparkling water -it's all low on cals and sugars and goes well with lime and either gin, vodka or tequila (skinny girl margarita anyone?). Also wine and champagne! Personally, I exercise in the morning and enjoy myself all day without concern - but not with total abandon (self control is under-rated!). In the end, I'm not there to lose weight, I'm there to lose stress!

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    My take on this is I will drink what I want and hit the gym if I feel concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    Vodka seltzer or wine are you best bets. Add a splash of grapefruit and it's delicious! FYI, toniis . For some reason, I find most people assume it's low because it's bitter. Brown liquor is always higher than clear in calories.

    That is correct, I always make that mistake cause thats the way most prople order it, gin & tonic, I drink club soda instead too if I'm having that kind of drink, tastes better too, my mistake.

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    Straight tequila, no ice no lime no salt, nice sniffer glass full and just sip it!!!!!

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    I'm surprised no one has said diet ting and vodka. Heck, diet sprite and rum is awesome too! Put a lime with either one and you'll be having a low calorie good time in a matter of minutes

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    Rum and Diet Pepsi! It's Jamaica and the Rum is o carbs. maybe 60 calories. Vodka, Gin are all carb free, mix w/ diet sodas you are good to go! PS...What's for dessert?

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    Does couples offer diet ting margi?

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    I'm having the same issue with low sugar drinks. Since my last trip to Couples I have found out that I'm type 2 diabetic. This really sucks because my favorite drink is the dirty banana. I'll just order one and take a few sips to get my fix. I also like Ting and vodka, but it is not diet. Oh well, I'll be on vacation and just have to watch myself.

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    I am that pain in the neck guy who finally made goal weight through diet and exercise. On my first trip to Negril the diet went out the window, but I exercised hard every single day. Perhaps I gained 1 or 2 pounds, but lost it really quickly. Returning to Negril 4/21-29/2011 and will start every day in the gym, Red Stripe (in abundance) commencing by 10:30 or so. Ja mon!

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