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    Default Cti trip report

    I am going to try to include everything I wanted to know when I was a first time message board stalker

    I want to start by saying I was nervous about seeing CTI. This was our 3rd trip but the first since the name and resort update. My thought about changing COR to CTI was the same as it is when I hear about a beautiful woman getting plastic surgery....WHY GOD WHY?
    Well I still don't understand why beautiful women get plastic surgery but the new CTI was just as wonderful.

    AIRPORT:We arrived to a very very long line at customs. This is the first time we had to wait. We waited for about an hour. Just remind yourself that waiting at customs is better than being at work if you have to wait. Once we were through customs we ignored everyone and headed straight to the couples lounge. The lounge has been updated as well. The bar was a nice addition. The wait for the bus was about 5 minutes.

    TRANSPORTATION: Keep in mind the bus driver is not a couples employee so you will need to tip him. The ride to CTI was 2 hours. The roads have been updated but it still took a while to get "home." We stopped half way at a rest area for about 10 minutes. The bus driver asked if we wanted to stop (we didn't) but kept our mouths shut and realized the resort wasn't going anywhere and NO WORRIES.

    ARRIVAL: We were greeted by Everald. Hearing Everald say "Welcome Home I Missed You" gives you the same feeling as hearing your child say "momma" for the first time. He grabbed our luggage we exchanged hugs then time to check in. Wet face towels and drinks will also be given as soon as you walk off the bus.

    Upon arrival you will be given a clipboard to fill out your information and you must give a credit card for your stay. They will not charge anything to the card unless you buy things from the gift shop or spa services. The card will be charged when you check out. They will go over all charges when you leave so no surprises. There is a departure section on the form as well so you can write down your flight number and time so they can plan for your departure.

    ROOM: We have found our favorite room 3204. The view of the ocean was spectacular. Housekeeping comes by twice a day unless you place the do not clean sign on your door. Which is nice the turndown service every night is something I enjoy as a mother. It is nice to have someone take care of me for a change The bed was as expected..heaven. The bathroom had everything you could need shampoo, body gel, lotion, soap, shower cap, and a blow dryer. The closet had an iron and ironing board *didn't use either* The new lock safes are nice. They are now combination locks so we didn't have to keep up with a key this time around *good thinking couples* I must say I left my iphone on the charger in the room and had 125.00 laying on the table. It was still there safe and sound after house keeping came in twice. I don't advise doing this just letting you know the quality of the staff they keep at Couples.

    FOOD: Everyplace you eat at this resort will leave your tummy smiling. I could give you the play by play of each restaurant but you will see when you get here. There is something for everyone and you WILL gain weight

    DRINKS: read review of food and apply to the drinks...except for the gain weight part. If you drink too much ask for a Bitters drink or Epson salt drink. They have magic drinks that cure hangovers. The bars do not open until 10:00 but at the breakfast bar they have everything to make a bloody mary or Mamossa *sp?*

    BEACH: NEW FLOATIES ARE IN!!! No more talking about fighting over floaties on this board again! It is beautiful. If you are not happy at this beach you will not be happy anywhere...we will pray for you.

    SWIM UP BAR: GREATLY NEEDED...GOOD JOB Fully stocked with any drink you could imagine.

    SPA: You have not had a massage until you get one at Couples. My husband and I get a monthly massage here in the states and as much as we enjoy them it isn't the same. The ladies at the spa ARE THE BEST

    GROUNDS: The property is beautiful. Please be respectful and keep it that way. You will see alot of very friendly people working day and night to ensure everything you see is beautiful and clean. If you see the parrots out in the garden LEAVE THEM ALONE. Mean little boogers if you press the issue of wanting to touch them *drunk happens*

    NEGATIVE NOTE: The large round swing that hung from the mousetail tree is GONE..MISSING...NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. This was the only disappointment I experienced during my entire stay. If this is your first trip you don't know about it so you won't miss it

    EXCURSIONS: We went shopping but have done Dunn's Falls in the past. Do go to Dunn's if you get a chance. Everyone needs to go once. When you go shopping you feel VERY VERY safe. We stopped at a flea market before arriving to the real shopping center. Felt safe the entire time so no worries go shopping.

    ENTERTAINMENT: The nightly shows are always fun. They are what you make them though. Sometimes you see alot of people up and dancing other nights it is very laid back. The piano bar is always my favorite. Getting silly singing with a group of people is always a good time in my book. The man playing the piano has a song selection book with the words so no one has an excuse not to sing along hehe The piano bar is also what you make it. One night it was very laid back and everyone was enjoying the music. The next night we were all up singing.

    ISLAND: Do it or don't it is up to you. I say try it once if it isn't for you no worries. If you are going to go to the island do not wait till your last day. The view from the Tower is amazing. The bartenders out there are always the best. Give Kimoni a HUGE hug from me. He became our friend while we were there and we will never EVER forget him.

    NEVER TAKE A DRINK FROM GREG AKA CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW...REPEATING DO NOT EVER EVER EVER LET CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW MAKE YOU A DRINK. If he offers to make you his "special drink" tell him Bre from Missouri told him to shut up and get back in the boat hahahaha It is stout and as Kimoni says "there is a reason he drives the boat" Good times

    arrival, rooms, foods, entertainment, excursions, beach, spa, what is left....DEPARTURE DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMMM

    You will get a slip under your door a couple of nights before you leave. They will let you know the time to have your bags down in the lobby and what time the bus will leave. Your bags ARE safe in the lobby leave them and enjoy the hour you have left. This is the part where you cry and count the days until you can go home again.

    So sad to say this is my trip report because I am no longer there. But you are reading this so that means you will go home soon..mi casa yadda yadda yadda ENJOY RESPECT MON

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    Love your review of CTI and must say....


    Especially to the weight gain part

    We returned about a month ago and still trying to shed the 6 lbs I gained
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    We know Bre being fellow Missourians our selves, We made our 1st ever trip to CTI 1st week in March,, and we cant wait till we can make it back Home again to CTI, Once you go you know, we now know an have found a vacation home for years to come
    Yeah Mon Dont Worry Be Happy, we hope to make it yearly!

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    OMG, thank u for this great review! U did answer a question that I had that has never been addressed. What type of room did u have? I am always happy when I read a positive review about CTI. I will make sure to stay away from Captain Jack Sparrow. Then come to think of it he may b the exact person I need to fix my drinks. (lol) I also have monthly massages but, I can not wait for my husband to experience his 1st massage ever when we come to CTI. Again thank u for this positive review.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Bre thanks for your wonderful review! My boyfrind and I are from Springfield MO and just got back from a week at CTI. We absolutley LOVED it! I laughed when I read your note about Gary, aka Captain Jack Sparrow - what a character!! We loved the island experience and went every day! Thanks again for a terrific review! Lizzy

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    Love reading all of these CTI reviews! 86 days until we go "home!" We were also at COR prior to remodel, so we look forward to seeing what's new!

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    Loved your review, and so glad you had a great reunion with "The Grande Dame!!" That being said, I have to take issue with your comment about leaving $$ and your iPhone out and about. Although we all like to think of Couples as "home," it really is a business in a developing country. I'm a 7 time CSA loyalist, so I totally read your love of the Couples staff, and second that opinion. But, I think it is unfair to leave temptation out and about, and furthermore, you really don't know who might be in your room....your safe is there for a reason, so please use it....

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    Did Capt. Jack Sparrow SING to you, too? He has an amazing voice!

    I am so glad you two got to experience the magic of CTI!! Someday we may meet up again in that wonderful Piano Bar you described so well! I remember it as the first time I met you, I called and made you come down and sing along! Derek was SLEEPY! But, good sport that you are, you helped make our first night memorable!

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    Great review!!! That's why we will be going "home" for the 4th time this September with our "newbie" friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumh20 View Post
    Love reading all of these CTI reviews! 86 days until we go "home!" We were also at COR prior to remodel, so we look forward to seeing what's new!

    We just returned a few weeks ago from our 2nd stay at CTI, our first visit since the remodel. I think you will be VERY pleasantly surprised! We had a super time and I'm sure you will, too. We're already planning our return for the same time next year
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Mark&Terri & Kragmonius-being from the Show Me State you both know how it is You have to SHOW US Couples does in every way shape & form

    Cubbyblu-right there with ya! I am starting to think of the extra weight as a gift I gave myself haha

    tumh20-you will not be disappointed...promise

    Spice505-We had a Deluxe oceanview room. It was in the center part of the resort and had perfect access to everything. We had a suite our last trip but realized the extra money we pay for a room that we hardly stay in could be used for bringing back rum and Blue Mountain coffee
    Please read my review again though DO NOT let Captain Jack make you a drink haha I'm very very serious about this one. If you let him you are on your own haha

    gonegril- I did say "I don't advise doing this" but glad you wrote what you did. If anyone got the wrong impression from my post your post will give them the reminder not to do what I did. Try CTI sometime btw

    Oh Rae!! I closed my eyes while he was singing and imagined you next to me on the boat and we were swaying to the sound of his magical voice. I also imagined Derek and Dave rolling their eyes at us Girl we missed all of you sooooooooo much! When the booze cruise came by the only thing the people on the boat saw was 2 little lonely moonshiners. Don't worry thought we did it right in honor of everyone Oh and we only awake from slumber to party with the best people in the world *hugs, hugs, and of course more hugs*


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    Thank you so much for the review..I know what you mean about that last day and tears...Like Mark&Terri said, once you go, you know...150 days and counting down..

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    I was told by one of the guys if you cry your last day they will call you "cry cry" When the see you again they will be like "oh that is a cry cry" hahahahaha I told him to call me Mrs. Cry Cry

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    What is the booze cruise?

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    It is the Catamaran cruise. You will see it on your activities list when you get to the resort. It runs several times through the week. The booze cruise is always what I have heard it referred to every time we were there. It is cool. They will take you out and teach you dances on the boat. They stop so you can swim around. Then they bring you back. The booze cruise when heading out always sails really really close to the island and everyone that doesn't go out to the island always looks to see if they can see any naked people Which you can. I went with the moonshiners and we painted "Moonshiners Rock" with each letter in the word on a different person. When the cruise came by we all ran out to the end of the island and mooned the cruise. You can look at my profile and I have a picture of it I used photoshop to blur the picture a bit so you can't see anything so it would be approved by the messageboard. The cruise is fun whether you are the one looking or the one "mooning"

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    What are the beaches like at CT now compared to the beaches at CN? We are also looking for the best night life...

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    ah13 I will be honest I have heard the beaches are much better at Negril. If your choice for the resort is based on the beach pick Negril. CTI has a very intimate beach. It is large enough to feel alone but I have heard doesn't compare to Negril. With that being said that is another reason I LOVE CTI I don't want a beach that shares with another resort. I feel more safe at CTI because I know visitors from other resorts do not have access to the beach at CTI. But if a long sandy beach for morning runs is what you are looking for pick CN.

    Nightlife...I say CTI but I would almost bet it is what you make it at any resort. They have a very interactive band every night. Some nights the night life was full of energy...others not so much. It can change at any moment though. We were sitting at the bar one night and I said, "everyone is tired look at everyone lounging around" It only took one crazy drunk Canadian *I love Canadians so this isn't a negative statement* to get out on the dance floor, singing really loud, to bring everyone out of their laid back state
    What started out as a night of lounging ended more like a clip from "The Hangover" except we didn't steal Tyson's tiger and we all remembered what happened the next day *semi-kidding* *almost got the red parrot though* I DON'T SUGGEST DOING THAT hahaha

    The staff was great as well. We were respectful drunks...if that is possible and the staff just laughed at us. Kirk will be the first to say "my lady you might want some rest for tomorrow" with a huge smile on his face hahahaha Love Kirk!

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