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    Default $500 Early Booking Bonus?

    Randymon, Could you please remind me of the details of the $500.00 early booking bonus? We did book our July 2011 trip before April 15th 2010 to get the bonus but now my mind is foggy on the details.

    Are there any restrictions as to what the $500.00 can be spent on at the resort?

    Private dinners? Photos? Scuba? Outside excursions? Spa/salon?

    It "seems" that I remember reading "If it can be posted to your room account, you can use the $500.00 toward it". Is that correct?

    Thank you!!

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    Per Randymon:

    To avoid any confusion the resort credits may be used to pay for the following:

    Room Category Upgrades upon arrival at resort (subject to availability)
    Spa and salon
    Private dinners
    Photos and photo packages from resort photographers
    Gift shop
    Romance Packages

    Resort Credits MAY NOT be used to purchase/pay for:

    Scuba, including PADI certification and night dives
    Casino tokens or anything related to the casino
    Off site excursions
    $500 Vendor Fee for Outside Photographer
    Arts, crafts, jewelry, hair braiding from outside vendors
    Private transfers
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Default per Randymon

    Not sure of the date on Coloradojulie's note from Randy. But I just looked this up last week.

    "The following details our final decision regarding usages of 2011 resort credits:


    Private dinners
    Gift shop
    Romance Packages

    No -

    Casino tokens or anything related to e casino
    Off site excursions
    Outside vendors
    Night dives
    Private transfers"
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    Coloradojuli, Thank you!!

    I read that but I thought it only applied to the new Romance Rewards credits of $200. Somehow I really "thought" the $500.00 Early Booking Bonus from last April had different rules..... I could certainly be wrong, but I sure thought it was different....

    Randymon can you please help me to clear this up for sure.

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    I thought it was decided that scuba is included.

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    What about the jewelry store at CSS? It's located across the drive from the gift shop.

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    Default Same situation

    We are in the same boat as CMCindyA. We booked in time to get the $500 resort credit. At that time, the credit could be use for anything that can be charged back to your room. Now the policy has changed. We were hoping to use part of the credit for an excursion, but that is not possible anymore. Eventhought it is upsetting, we are not going to cancel.

    One the other hand, several of the couples that booked with us (This is our 10th anniversary and we had several couples from our wedding party coming with us) have. They cancelled because of losing the resort credit. The economy has been tough on alot of people and not having that cushion to fall back on to do "extra" stuff was too much for them to handle. I know that we have re-vamped our expectations...but eventhought though this is our 10th anniversary, it is also our honeymoon (We were poor college students with a new baby on the way when we got married) SO it will be special no matter what.

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    Default Does not apply to jewellery store at CSS

    The jewellery store is not owned by CSS so the credit does not apply. I asked the same question before I left. It is good at the other 2 stores.
    We had no trouble spending our $500 at either CSS or CN. We did not have to buy anwhere else, coffee, rum cream, tshirts, souvenirs for others. Lots to choose from.

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    I have to tell you guys that I was completely unaware of all the drama surrounding this issue..... I have been away from the boards for several months and just had NO clue.... I have gone back today and read what has been going on.... I'm really sorry.

    Randymon, If you could please post a definitive answer or direct us to where it is already posted, I/we would really appreciate it. Could you make it one of the posts that stays at the top of the list?

    The post from C and C, is great and I really appreciate it, but it says that Scuba IS included and also says that night dives are not included???? I don't understand.

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    I've been there 3 times in 10 years, so how di I not get a resort credit? Do you have to do something special?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twin6mike View Post
    I've been there 3 times in 10 years, so how di I not get a resort credit? Do you have to do something special?
    What the original poster is talking about is the Early Booking Bonus. As the name implies, it is a bonus for booking early. Currently there is a $300 Early Booking Bonus for booking now for your trip for next year (2012)
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Default 500 resort credit changed?

    Greetings all and Randymon,

    I have already booked my honeymoon (for July 2011) and we booked early enough to receive the $500.00 resort credit. I am now under the impression that the rules regarding the credit have changed and I am quite disheartened. My fiance and I were hoping to use the credit towards horseback riding, among other things. Can we still use it for the horseback riding? If the rules regarding the credit has changed, I feel that is unfair as people book early to get the credit based upon what they are told at the time. I feel that it is unfair and dishonest to change the rules after the fact.

    Can someone (hopefully Randymon) clarify what the rules are and explain why the rules now have changed?



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    Quote Originally Posted by twin6mike View Post
    I've been there 3 times in 10 years, so how di I not get a resort credit? Do you have to do something special?
    It was a deal for booking this years trip last year that I think either ran during the month of April 2010 or part of the month. I know we booked in April 2010 for our trip in February 2011 just to receive the credit. We go to CN every February. I am getting ready to book now for next years trip because if you book by the end of March, I think, you get a $300 resort credit. A little less then last year but still a very nice perk. Hope that answers your question.

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    I'm pretty sure coloradojulie's post is correct. It seems pretty clear.

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    I know there was changes in the decision about scuba for 2011. I thought it was originally allowed then not and then reinstalled, but I cannot find the posts. The rules have been set and published for 2012. I'm sure Randy will once again clarify for 2011.

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    I believe Coloradojuli's info comes from a post by Randy on 1/26/11 (though I can't be absolutely sure) which predates the Feb 1 post I pasted earlier. I found the following link to that post and have included it. It would be great for Randy to repost the rules for the 2011 EBB credit use and pin it to the top section of the MB. Likewise a post for the 2012 EBB rules would be helpful. Randymon???

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    Here is the link for Randy's "final word on 2011 credits"

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    Here is the link for Randy's announcement of 2012 rates & credit usage rules:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gayle Ann View Post
    I thought it was decided that scuba is included.
    Randy said it was included for this year's $500 credit but not for next year's $300 credit or for Romance Rewards credits.

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    Thanks C and C!! I'm still not sure why "scuba" is listed under "YES" and "night dives" are listed under "NO".....

    Oh well, It isn't going to make a big difference to us anyway so I'm not sure why I ever even asked, I wouldn't have asked if I had known about everything going on on the board lately....

    Night dives are $50.00 each and WORTH every penny. We go on 1 or 2 night dives every time we're there, and we will again this year whether or not the resort credits cover them.....

    We will have NO trouble at all spending the $500.00 on spa treatments, gift shop purchases, private dinners, photos, ect.

    It's ALL GOOD!!! Soon come!!!

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