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    Brilliant photos and a good selection too! Made me really feel like we've made the right choice .... Only 2 weeks to go!

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    Great pics. We have many of the same and many different ones so it brought back a lot of memories from this past February at CN. Fortunately we are headed back for 10 days this coming July since we loved it so much.

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    Thanks for posting your pictures!! We leave in 6 days for our 1st visit to Jamaica and Couples! I didn't think I could get any more excited than I was but then I saw these great pics!!!!!!!

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    Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. We'll be there in 3 weeks... it's been 5 years since we were last at CN.
    Your pics really got us psyched for our return!

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    Great pictures! You're a wonderful photographer. I'm very tempted to drive to the airport and get on the next flight to paradise!

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    your subtitles are hilarious!!

    heading out to CN in JULY

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    Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

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    WOW! great pictures! thanks for sharing we are planning to go to negril next year our first trip to this resort looks totally awsome sooooo excited!!!!!

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    Beautiful pics!
    The resort offered a free trip to Rockhouse?!
    We were just there at the end of February and I never saw that...darn it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrandMrsBean View Post
    We had an amazing time on our first trip to Couples Negril and thought we'd share our photo album with all of you. We'll be back next year!
    Great pictures! Enjoyed looking at them all! Not going until 12/2/12 but get on here every day just to see what everyone has to say!

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    Fabulous pictures. We are booked in September 2011 for our first trip to Jamaica and Couples Negril. Because of wonderful people like you posting great trip reports and beautiful pictures we're even booked for September 2012.

    I feel like I know CN already

    Thanks again

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    Great Pictures!Looks like you had a great time. Have never been to CN, going to CSA for our 20th anniversary and sixth time there. Can't wait to go home in July.

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    OK I think your pictures did it ! Debating on location for our 2012 trip ( after 3 wonderful trips to CSA ), and I think I am finally ready to commit to CN ! Thanks

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    Great Photos!! We went on the same Sunset tour with you and are in one of your picks!! 164, sitting behind you. Also had the Coconut Shrimp... SO GOOOOOOOD!!!

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    Loved loved these pics!! Could you tell us what you thought of the RockHouse visit? Is it worth going? Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing...only 18 more weeks....can't wait!!!! Third time and still as excited as the first!!!

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    Great pics!
    What kind of camera did you take these with? I am updating before our next trip.
    Once again... Fabulous pictures!!!

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    Fantastic! What camera did you use?

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    Soooo nice! My wife and I just sat here together flipping through your pics and living vicariously through your trip. We are excited to be returning to CN in October to celebrate her 40th B-Day and are wondering if you have any birthday "must-do's" for us? Incidentally, your room number (7307) was the very street address where Diana spent her entire childhood in Michigan. How bout them apples? Thanks for sharing those with everyone.

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    Your photographs were absolutely beautiful. You are a very talented photographer. I was just wondering what room category your had. Only 4 more weeks to go!

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    Loved your photo album! You really captured the spirit of CN and I totally agree, there are so many great pictures for you to enter in the photo contest!Hope you do it!!
    This year we are heading back to CTI which we love as well, but seeing your pictures reassured me that doing a split next year between CN/CTI is the way to go! Again, thanks for sharing!

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    Oh my!! Thank you all for your generous comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed our photos!!

    I seem to have a lot to respond to, so here goes ...

    First timer tips: We went with an open mind and an open schedule. Talk to the people around you, all the returners have great tips. Definitely go on the catamaran cruise (point your toes if you go off the slide so you don't land on your back and head for the jacuzzi as soon as you return.) We went twice.

    What not to miss: go on a Catamaran cruise (see above), try a Dirty Banana and a Miami Vice, have dinner at Otaheite (I had the best ceasar salad of my life there), go on the sunset bar trip to Rockhouse (see below), walk around the grounds (so much wildlife), float in the ocean and in the pool, walk on the beach, and do not miss the fire guy at the bonfire!

    Sunset bar trip to Rockhouse (@artie fun that we shared a moment without even knowing it!): I loved this trip! It took maybe 2 or 2 1/2 hours, just enough time to enjoy a few drinks and snacks and we were back in time for dinner and evening festivities.

    My camera: I use a Nikon Coolpix S70. Its tiny, point and shoot, and fairly easy to use (flash and some of the autofocus features are a bit touchy)

    40th Birthday Celebration Musts (@Drinkuths ... how crazy is that?!): Private dinner on the beach. I can't tell you how special this was. I'm more introverted than my husband so I really appreciated having some private, quiet time with him on my birthday. He made plans before we arrived. And don't forget your tiara!

    Room category: Deluxe ocean. Its lovely! But I think we're going to book a garden room next year. I really liked the lush tropical area.

    Did I get them all?

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    Best pics to-date! Thanks so much! Only 24 more sleeps to CN!


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    Thanks SO much for sharing!! Beautiful Pics! We just booked for 2012 and your pics helped us decide on CN.

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    Great pictures!! 32 days till we are at CN!

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