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    Default CSA-Great House Verandah/Jacuzzi Suites

    Has anyone who has stayed in these rooms heard noises from the club, restaurants, or pool and grill?

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    Which room category, you've mentioned two.

    Greathouse verandah or the Greathouse jacuzzi?

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    Nope, we stayed right above the pool in front of Patios last time and we never heard pool noise. Most people only use that pool from 10am-6pm. I never saw anyone in it at night. The only noise we ever heard was other people shutting their doors.

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    Great House Verandah.

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    Stayed in Great House Verandah Suite. Great room. Never heard any noise except the people who clean the room in the hallways. It's more like a hotel to get to your room. Great view for the price. Hated the stairs.
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