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    Default Room requests not available

    hi there,

    i see a recent post by the couples negril vice president saying room requests not available..what does that mean?

    What if i booked and paid for the beachfront deluxe room..does it mean i wont get it? im not understanding what was meant by his post.

    please advise

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    No worries....what he means is SPECIFIC room numbers or buildings. You will get the room category you booked but if you wanted room XXXX or building X, they won't accept those requests, but upon checkin you can always ask and see if it is available.

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    It only means you cannot request a specific room number. Whatever room category you booked is what you will get, but you cannot request a certain building or room.

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    If you read it carefully it is says they are not taking requests in ADVANCE. You can make requests once you get there and they will see if it is available.

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