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    Hi we're staying at CSA starting April 30.. was wondering if there are any opportunities to go fishing? I know CSA doesn't offer anything but are there any party boats in the local area? I'm thinking of fishing for red snapper, that type of thing.

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    I know there are some local fishing charters. A local woman (and awesome tennis player) named Liz who is a tennis member at CSA is part owner of a charter fishing company. She never tried to sell us anything, just told us about the business while we were playing tennis. If you go down to the tennis courts any morning, you will likely find her or you can ask someone there about her. I am sure she can arrange something for you. I am guessing they are good because she took very frequent phone calls to schedule trips.

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    I found one called Stanley's Deep Sea Fishing. On TA there are good and bad reviews. He has a website also.

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    Fishing Charters can be arranged through the Tour Desk at CSA with Captain Stanley's for $150 per person. They will try to hook you up with another group in order to fill a boat. See Jacqi at the Tour Desk, Stanley's is a good Charter, they have 2 boats and you can check them out online by typing in their name.

    Fishing in Negril is not great but if you are a fisherman it is great fun. I did it in February and had a good time. Only problem was we caught only one Mahi and I was #2 to catch the next fish and it never happened. You draw lots for sequence of fishing and if you are # 6 then you don't have much of a chance.

    Stanley is friemdly and competent and he has decent equipment and 2 good deck hands per boat.

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