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Thread: Tanning

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    We don't do the fake tans... we do the real burn... lol

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I am guy and I go tanning 3-5 times before my trips to Jamaica. They aren't safe but it isn't "unsafe" to use them in very limited quantities. I am from Seattle and would fry if I didn't. It is nice to get a base tan going, you tan much faster there than if you didn't. I would still use a nice SPF even if you have a nice base tan. Jamaica is only 17 degrees off the equator.

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    The only time I go to the tanning is right before I go on vacation. I go to the UVB beds that you don't get burnt in. I just lay about 2 weeks before trips. No matter how much sun block I put on before a trip I still get burnt unless I go to the tanning bed before.

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    We pre-baked before we visited CSS last year. I had all the same male insecurities as the OP. I decided to take the plunge but only so far as providing a good start. It took the early soreness away and thanks to the pre-holiday bake I managed two weeks on SSB without soreness or redness (although that may be to do with the fact that there was so little sunshine!) even though the (good) tan was provided mostly through cloud. Believe me OP, if you get direct sunshine you will need to be really really careful with it or you are going to burn your butt off! Do a few (maybe 5) tanning bed sessions before you go and use an high spf too. All good advice above but you know you and how the sun affects you.

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