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    Default Tanning

    My wife is convinced that I need to go tanning with her before our trip coming up in June to CSA. What are your thoughts on this?

    Guys, do you fake bake before your trip?

    Girls... do you try to get your husbands to go tanning before your trip?

    I'm not exactly looking forward to tanning, every guy instinct in me is telling me not to do it. But I do get sunburned rather easily.

    So what do you think... should I take my wifes advice and start tanning with her?


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    When I went to Cuba a few years back, I did a few tanning sessions before I left. It gave me a great base tan plus I didn't get a burn while I was there. I had a fantastic tan when I got back. I plan on doing the same for our trip to CSS in October. My fiance tans at least once a week so I don't want to look like the pasty guy with the bad sunburn standing beside her for our wedding pics. My cousin, who is fair skinned, just got back from Mexico on Sunday and is pealing all over. A little fake bake before he left would have really helped.

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    Firstly, tanning beds are NOT SAFE!
    Secondly, it won't protect you from getting a sunburn.
    You just have to use a strong SPF sunscreen and, as you burn rather easily, use shade the first day and gradually get into the sun on following days. Just my opinion!

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    Going to a tanning bed is not the solution to this problem--SPF is! Bring multiple bottles of a high SPF on your trip, reapply often, and you'll be fine. If it's your appearance you're worried about, get a spray tan or try Jergen's light tanning lotion. It works great.

    Remind your wife that tanning increases your risk of skin cancer and ages your skin super fast!

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    Yes, go for it!! It will prevent that bad uncomfortable burn. My husband comes pre-tanning with me before heading to the south but this is the ONLY time he will partake in this particular activity. Have a great "burnfree" vacation.

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    You'll see some debate on this one...

    But for us, we always pre-tan for six to eight weeks. We didn't on our first trip and got pretty burnt. We still use sunscreen, but we now hardly burn at all.

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    As someone recently diagnosed with melanoma, my advice is STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

    I am only 36, and I was lucky -- my melanoma was stage I and treated by surgery alone. But I now have a really ugly scar on my upper chest and will have it for the rest of my life.

    I always burned very easily, too, and our last trip to JA (after diagnosis) I wore a sun-shirt, stayed in the sun for small amounts and used sunblock. I still came home with a bit of a tan (against dr's orders, but sheesh.) and felt great while I was there.

    Please don't do it. It's not worth it.
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    Rule #1 - The wife is ALWAYS right!
    Rule #2 - When the wife is wrong, refer to rule #1.

    Yes, I pre-tan each trip some fake-n-bake and some real in the back yard or on one of the many great beaches here in Sunny San Diego!

    If you burn easy, the Jamaican sun will cook you like a bug under a magnifying glass.

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    Yes. My husband actually got me started on pre-tanning before trips. Do the low category beds, they are the ones who have the UVB rays which will brown you, not turn you orange :0 UVB is also the rays you want for Vitamin D

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    I am one of those wives that makes their husband go tan before our trips. I also tan before our trips. I do have to say that if you burn easily in the sun, you will burn easily in a tanning bed as well so it will not help. Pack some SPF 50 and have a good time. My husband and I both tan easily and still wear sunscreen because the sun seems more intense in Jamaica in my opinion. We still end up with a great tan with our sunscreen .

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    Default Don't Do It !!!

    My dermatologist told me you are far more likely to develop skin cancer if you go to a tanning bed. Just use plenty of sunscreen the first couple of days until you build up a base.
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    u should tan before go. u dont want to look like a lobster for the rest of ur trip. the sun is intense there. im heading to csa in may and just started tanning

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    My husband and I went in Feb to CN. As we live in NY and we hadn't seen the sun in forever I was planning on going tanning and then my husband also decided to go. I don't know where you are from, but in NY it is not unusual to see men in tanning salons. Once we were at CN we were really glad that we had gone tanning, we didn't have to worry about any SPF although we did use 30. Tanning is much more fun than burning. That being said while I was tanning I just kept thinking soon come the real beach. Sit back and relax and a tanning salon can be an early start to your vacation.

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    I burn really easily (red-head) and I tanned before our trip. I'm glad I did because I didn't get sunburned at all while we were there. My hubby tanned as well.

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    Both my husband and I always start tanning 6 weeks before we head to Couples. It really is nice to not burn while we are there.

    Be prepared...with this kind of post you will always get those who will discourage you from tanning. Obviously I don't have a problem with it.

    We also spend all of our time on the AN beach, so it is really nice to have certain areas already tan.
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    Default Don't do it

    We use at least spf50 sunscreen always. I use SPF80 on my face at all times. We still get a tan but w/o the exposure to the harmful rays. If you have ever seen anyone suffer with skin cancer you would never fake bake, much less go out w/o protection. Also it does horibly things to your face, both men and women look so much older when they have been tanning all their lives. Be proactive with your health and always use suncreen.

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    I burn easy, don't do the fake bake, and just make certain to apply plenty of sun screen. Usually always burn a little somewhere, seems my hair may not be as thick as it once was, and usually by the end of the stay I start using a lot less sun screen. Just use the sun screen and you will be fine.

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    if you burn easy give it a try. If you go about 10 times over 8 weeks and do the minimum time, about 6 minutes, on a high quality tanning bed, you will get a decent tan.

    Yes, tanning beds are bad for you and the resulting tan only adds about SPF 4 to whatever sunscreen you're using, but if may help with the burn... and use spf 50 or higher, that will help too.


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    I actually made by husband pre-tan before one of our trips to Couples. Now, when we've booked a trip, he signs up himself. If he doesn't pre-tan then he will burn once there, he's pretty fair skinned. This seriously cuts down on the sunburn, sometimes he doesn't burn at all while we're there!

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    Default Tanning

    If you burn easily yes, yes, yes go tanning at least twice in a 10 minute bed. Or you will burn your buns off in June!! Make sure to use lotion before and after tanning. Also sunscreen and lotion on vacation. My husband goes tanning before vacation so he wont burn the first couple days and regret it the rest of our trip

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    We don't ake bake. We just apply SPF 50-70 and get a nice tan.

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    my wife and I both tan a month prior to arriving at couples. The sun is intense, you dont want to get burnt while your there, and you dont want to be pasty white in your photos either. Bite the bullet and go tan!

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    Your wife is correct. My husband *very manly husband that plays sports and hunts* is tanning right now as I type this. We leave in 2 days and he learned his lesson our first trip. Our first trip he refused to lay in a tanning bed and got burnt during our vacation. He always gets a base tan now. If it bothers you that much don't tell anyone and book your sessions at a place no one will know you. Whatever meaures you need to take to feel "manly" do it and tan before you go.

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    Do what you want, but it may help. If you don't pre-tan then make sure to use high spf factor sunscreen. The sun in the Caribbean is a lot more intense than in the states.

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    I (wife) usually do about 3 weeks of tanning for about 5-7 min in each time... about 3 times a week before we head to Jamaica. But my hubby doesn't want any part of that, he just goes as is and we keep sunscreen on him, he fares pretty good usually. Last time he forgot the tops of his feet and they got a little burned but not too bad.

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