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    Default Night dive at CSA

    Me and My Wife Will arrive at csa on the 15th and i was wanting to
    do a night dive. But i have heard that you must have 4 people to go. is that a problem to find some people to go? Thanks


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    Sometimes you won't find enough people so you need to start talking it up the minute you arrive and you need to be flexible which night. Talk to Franz when you get there. Last time I was there it was $50 USD per diver.

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    My hubby and I went on a night dive at CSS last fall. We just asked everyone on the morning dives each day if they would be interested in doing the night dive... after a couple days, we had another couple who wanted to as well. Just let the guys at the dive shop know you're interested, and drop some hints to your fellow divers on the boat. You'll surely come up with another couple wanting to do the night dive.

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    thanks for the info.cant wait to get there. seems like time has stood still.

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