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    Default Jet Skiing at CSA

    Has anyone used Elvis or anyone else at CSA to jet ski? I think it would be fun and last time Elvis hooked us up on a cheap parasail deal. Curious how much it costs and how long you can go.

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    We did last August. Rented a jetski through Elvis (had heard his name on the MB). Asked for him near the CSA watersports area. It didn't take much asking and he found us.

    We paid $40 for 1/2 hour and it was long enough for us...plenty of time for the two of us to tour up and down the entire beach..down past Sandals and back and then down to past the town of Negril and back. We rented the jetski to sight see more than zoom around, and enjoyed it a lot.

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    Silly question..... Did they let you go off by yourselfs or do they come with to make sure you dont get in trouble?

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    Default Jet ski

    They don't go with you. My wife and I have done it on both our previous trips and they just tell you where is safe, where is not,and when to be back. GREAT TIME AWSOME PICTURES. Don't forget your camera!

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    If they let you go up and down the beach did they say where you couldn't go? I never imagined they would let you go far but if nobody is watching I'd love to go to the island.

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