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    Default CN October 2011!!!

    Me and my fiance Bill will be making our FIRST trip to Couples Negril (and first trip out of the country!) in October for our honeymoon! I have heard so many wonderful things about CN so we are excited!

    We will be there October 10-15...anyone else?

    277 days to go!

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    Hi Lori,
    I'm actually having my wedding and honeymoon at Couples Negril in October 2011 (also first trip out of the country) - the day we leave tho is the day you arrive (Oct 10th). At least we can share in the same excitement and almost the same countdown of days

    Have a glorious honeymoon!


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    Hi there!

    We just booked October 7th thru the 18th. This will be our 6th visit to CN... You both are going to LOVE CN!

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    Lori- That is so exciting! Congratulations! too bad we will miss you or we could celebrate together. i'll drink a beer for you

    Fred & Becky - So excited we know someone else that will be there. looks like you guys are pros at this whole Jamaican vacation thing! 255 days!!!!

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    Default October 8-16

    Suzanne and I will be back for our 5th trip to CN the 8-16. Some of the folks we've met the past few years are returning as well. Looking forward to it as always. Glad to see Fred and Becky will be back aslo so the lists will follow. Thanks Becky

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    I would be more than happy to pass the task onto you!!!
    Glad to see you and Suzanne will be back!!! Arriving the day before the Anniversary party!!! Counting down the days!
    Soon Come!!

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    Myself, my DH and 2 other couples will be arriving Oct 15-20. First timers for all of us. I am sure we will be easy to spot. We will be the ones with the Bawstin accents at the pool bah at 10am.

    I hope I get to witness many weddings while I am there. We will actually be celebrating my 42nd birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary while we are there!

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