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    I am going on my honeymoon in July and was wondering if anyone had tips as far as how safe the beaches were to leave possessions at your chair while you swim/float. I have read where the beach is not private and people do try to sale their products. And I'm not asking about leaving cell phones etc. out I am wanting to know about shoes and beach bags etc.

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    We were at CSA in September and didn't have any problems leaving our stuff on the beach while we went out to float. Anyone who is not staying at the resort must stay down by the water line so they can't go up by the chairs. I wouldn't necessarily leave a camera sitting out on the chair, but in your beach bag it should be totally fine.

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    We have not had any problem leaving anything on our beach chairs during the day while in the water. The vendors and people staying off resort are not really allowed much beyond the shoreline by security. We take valuables with us when we are leaving for a while, such as to lunch. But we've left cameras, Kindles, iPods right on our chairs or in a beach bag next to them without a problem.

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    When we swim or float, we leave stuff at the chair and have never had a problem, of course are chairs are not on the surf line where everyone can walk, but farther back by 15 or 20 feet. We stay at CN.

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    Your stuff is perfectly safe. We always leave our stuff at our chairs while we swim in the ocean or go to get lunch. Just keep your stuff in your bag and not out laying on the table like your camera and room key. Suntan lotion, books/magazines, and towels are fine on your chair/table.
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    We left everything by our chairs when we went for a dip. Shoes, hats, phone, camara, money, books, beach bag no one touched anything. I don't think anyone is going to touch your stuff. And the beach vendors have to stay at the waters edge. Security keeps an eye on vendors to keep them moving.

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    No one will bother your things. We'd just tuck our ipods, books and sunglasses inside the bag we carried to the beach and left our shoes and towels on our chairs.

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    We've never had a problem, and we always do SweptAway, which is the busiest portion of 7-mile Beach. Lots of traffice from N & S of the resort... plenty of vendors... but we've never had anything stolen or moved.

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    In 3 trips to CSA and 1 to CSS I have never had a problem leaving a beach bag on the beach while in the ocean. No worries. Counting down to April 20 Yeah!!

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    Like anywhere, the temptation to grab an iPod or camera that is left out in the open may be too great for someone to pass up. If you don't leave the temptation in plain sight, then chances are that you should be fine. The risk of someone taking your beach bag is much less. Just in case, change the memory card on your camera often.

    You could also be in trouble if someone steals your swimsuit on the nude beach.

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