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    Default SSB for our honeymoon - Mid June

    We are looking at the 15th thru the 21st for our honeymoon and my new wife's first ever AN experience. Who's joining us? :-)

    Donny and Amy

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    We will be there also from the 15th througth the 22nd. We arrive at 10:40 on flight through Miami on American. Will see you at SSB.

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    Awesome. We were looking for some folks to get acquainted with prior so we would have people to pal around with. Drop us a line anytime, guys!

    Donn and Amy

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    Donny-Amy ~ Even if you don't make friends on the MB you will make friends at the resort. We have been to Couples 5 times and have always made friends. It is really easy to do.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We will be there for our "weddingmoon" June 17-23. Looking forward to our first Couples trip and our first AN experience.

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    Default we will be there:)

    My Husband and I will be there june 16-24th for our very first ever vacation to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary and my b-day! Cant wait!!!! see ya on the ssb side
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