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    Default CSA-July 9th-17th-Who is in????

    Hi all,
    We just booked WOOHOO!!!! We will be coming HOME for the 3rd time to WONDERFUL CSA!!! We will be coming from Pittsburgh and we will be there from July 9th to the 17th. TWO LOBSTER NIGHTS!! Woohoo!! Any one else coming that week??

    Bob Marley's are on me!!!!! IRIE!!!!

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    Wow!We will be returning home for the 3rd time in July also...July 11--23. This time celebrating our 35th anniversary. See you there!

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    We'll be making our second trip to CSA from CBus, OH from July 12-23. See ya there.

    =Sarah & Craig

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    jb2nd----which room category are you in this time? We stayed in OV the previous 2 times. We are staying atrium this time. Hoping it is ok....any thoughts?

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    Default July Vacation

    We are planning our first trip to CSA this same week. We have never been to CSA so we will be first timers. Can't wait to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary!! Hope to meet some great people too. Counting the days!!

    Austin and Tracy

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    Where is everyone from?? Pittsburgh PA here....41 and 38. 3rd trip home. We love it here. If you want to find us...we will be at the pool bar steps from 10am to Will post a pic soon....feel free to post your pic so we can meet. Be home soon...IRIE MON!!

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    We'll be there on the 10th of July celebrating our 20th also! First time for us at CSA, can't wait. from London, Canada.

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    Sounds like a lot of anniversaries will be celebrated during the time we are at CSA...July 11--23. Dentrac--my husband spe nds a lot of time on the pool bar steps--same hours as you! ha Look for him..he will be the one with the zipper on his chest from heart surgery last year....and I am the one with the grey hair! ha He is 56 and I am 54..See you at the bar!

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    Hey all..forgot to add we will be celebrating my wife's birthday on July 13th as well. We LOVE it here and cannot wait to come HOME! We LOVE the pool bar and will be there all day. Trying to post a pic soon. Cant wait. 127 days to go until we are HOME!!

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    see you at the swim up bar
    CN-July 2006
    CSA-July 2009
    CSA-July 2011

    Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die.

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    I take that back.....this will be our 4th trip! Still as exceited as the 1st. We LOVE CSA. If any one wants to know where to find us

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    We're celebrating our 20th anniversary the week of July 11th too. It is our first time at Couples or any all inclusive for that matter. Are any of you other anniversary couples considering doing a vow renewal? I really want to but my husband isn't sure as it will be just the two of us there.

    Michele and Randy

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