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    Default Who will be the visiting tennis pro at CSA 5/30-6/6?

    Is there a way to find out in advance who will be the visiting tennis pro during our stay? We'll be there from May 30 through June 6th.

    I get FB updates from CSA Tennis Club but it is not very up to date. I am just curious since I plan on playing in the morning clinics and afternoon round robins (if I feel like it, that is)

    If you've had experience with the clinics I'd love to know how they are set up and how many guests participate on average.

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    Last year during spring break, there were about 8-10 adults there for the clinic each morning. After 5 minutes of stretching, we'd focus on a few topics. Every day there were new topics, like overheads, doubles court positioning, strategy, etc.

    There are two 45-minute morning sessions, M-F. 8am for advanced and 8:45 for intermediate. Don't worry about your skill level, as it won't matter too much. Also, there were a few people that stayed for both sessions.

    Looks like we'll be there the same week. See you then.

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