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    Default 11 More Days to CSA! & a couple ??s

    This will be our 5th trip and we are really excited to be coming back home!

    A couple questions about some of our favorite things....

    Does anyone have recent knowledge of whether the ice cream machine is working?

    A couple years ago, Patios Patio had the most awesome sangria (white) at lunch. Anyone know if they still have it - or any other kind of sangria?


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    we were there this past Dec. Patios still does a diff sangria everyday not sure about ice cream.

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    Yes, the ice cream machine at Seagrapes was working as of last week. Don't remember any Sangria but we weren't look for it eaither

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    The ice cream machine was working on 8-11 !

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks guys! I'm so excited. The answers to these questions just makes us more excited! 9 days!!!!

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    when we were there in Jan the ice cream machine was up and down over the week. Maybe too much use by guests? LOL

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    Patios has sangria at lunch? Where is that at? I have never seen it on the menu or seen anyone drinking it. My wife would love that.

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    Its at the bar but I think they only serve it at lunch. Unless you know they have leftovers and you ask for it. (I may have done this a couple times! )

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