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    Default Going to CN?..Give my girl friend a hug for Tommywommy..hugs

    Enchance your CN experience by meeting Kerri Ann..She works in the small convience shop downstais..Please do give her a hug and hi from Tommywommy.

    Thanks and hugs

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    Hi Tommy,

    We just returned from CN 2 weeks ago. We went to the news stand downstairs and were looking around when Kerri Ann said to me "you are Tommy's friend." She remembered me from this picture from Feb. 2009. She said she misses you.
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    Jamaicans have the best memory. I just don't understand how they can remember us from one year to the next when we are only there for a week.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Hugs...

    Hey Tommywommy, You know I will give her one for you. It will be about five more weeks but consider it done...

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    Default Hugs To You Tommy

    We were at Couples over Valentine's Day and said "HI" to Kerri Ann from you Tommy. I told her how popular you made her on the message board. She is truly a "Sweetheart" I'm sorry I forgot to post this sooner. She said "HI" to you also. Rosta Gal

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    Kerri Ann is such a beautiful sweet lady.

    John_NH..thanks so mjuch for the picture..

    Joe D..Thanks my friend..Post a picture..OK?

    Rosta Gal..Kerri Ann is special..Thanks for telling her Hi for me.

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