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    Default Card games and the like?

    So, out of curiosity, has anyone ever brought along a deck (or a couple decks) of cards and tried to get a friendly game going? Just for points, say for example Liverpool Rummy or the like?

    What about other types of card games?

    Anyone take a deck out to the Island (CTI)?

    (yes, I'm thinking of bringing along a card game, for the wife and I to kill time, and would be open to having others join int)

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    I didn't really see anyone playing cards while we were at CSA, but there was a rousing game of Yahtzee going on on the balcony above us. We'd see a dice come flying over the railing and then someone running down to get it

    I'm sure you won't have a problem getting a card game going though!

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    We have brought cards and played Spades and Hearts. Didn't seem to difficult to get interest going.

    Also, one night during the week they have poker at the resort. Kinda fun to play for 'millions' of dollars. After wards there is an auction and you get to bid on items with your poker winnings.

    If you bring plastic cards, there are tables in the pool on the island and you can play cards there. Plus there is liquor, so anything can happen
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    we did bring a couples card game the last time we were on the island. It was a truth or dare type game and boy did it start a great time. it ended with a game of never have i ever in the swim up bar when the island closed. the coolest part of the game was that there were twenty somethings up to sixty somethings..what fun.....

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    Cool. I was thinking cards for a couple of reasons:
    1. They're relatively small and lightweight
    2. A deck of normal playing cards getting wet (say on the island) = no big deal
    3. It'll give the wife and I something to do on layovers if we get bored reading

    One of the card games I was thinking of bringing, though, might lead to some interesting conversations...
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    I would have taken part in a round of cards on the island as long as the breeze didnt carry them away. The tables are pretty small but Im sure something could be figured out. The hardest part would be to get people to join I think, everyone is mainly lounged around minding their own space but please dont get me wrong I came across nothing but super people, just depends on the group. All in all I say grab a deck from the games room and take them on over mon

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    Our friends brought waterproof cards to the Island at CTI. Played different games in the pool.

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    Last year we had our cribbage board and a couple days out there we met another group that had one too and played with them. Sometimes it's nice just to sit and relax somewhere out on the beach or under a problem finding takers though....we usually have dice and sometimes yahtzee with us too...helps on days when it rains to be able to go find a tent and sit with that and just relax and enjoy the rain too. the dice flying over the railing. Those people were REALLY into yahtzee.

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    We always bring a deck of waterproof cards to play while we are on the island! We usually start with regular games like poker etc. but then we end up playing drinking games! Which always livens the crowd up

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