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    we're in the trading UP category too. ......we met at church a bazillion years ago...each married someone who turned out to NOT be the love of our lives, then......we went on our first date after our respective divorces to a Renaissance Faire.....the BEST date i was ever on......and the rest is history..
    our first trip together was to CTI, we got engaged in Le married 6 monthes later, and now we're Renewing our Vows in January 2012........10 years of Fabulous.....and the best part is that all the friends we've met at couples along the way will be there to celebrate with us....We Are Sooooooo Blessed!!!

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    Thats a pretty sweet story Jack and Sallie

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    Thanks..yeh it's been a great time...

    Jack and Alice
    P.S. jack is my hubby...allie is short for Alice and well, i'm his kitty cat..wink ...hence jacksalliecat

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    LOL thats cute

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    My proposal is not the glacier stunner, but in my mind, it was simply perfect for me and my husband.
    Our first official date was for my Christmas party, and we went on a Gateway Clipper cruise. We were bored with the people, and decided to go to the top of the boat (which was freezing!) and sit by the blower and talk. A couple sat down by us and started talking, and made a comment that we sounded like an "old married couple." We laughed and thanked them. Before we left for the night, we bought commerative glasses, but broke the one as we were getting into the car. We picked up the pieces and started home.
    Five years later, my friend invited us to her annual Barrister ball for her college. We got dressed up and went to the Sheraton, which is right next to the Gateway Clipper station. It was February, pretty cold. I had a few drinks and was talking to my friends when my now husband asked if I would take a walk to the balcony with him. I didn't think anything of it and went to the wall of windows. We didn't go outside, but were looking out at the city lights (Pittsburgh can be very beautiful at night) aand watching the clipper boats at the dock. He asked me "do you remember our first date? Up on the deck of the boat, it was so cold! Do you remember what that couple said to us?" All that time, I did remember, and replied about us sounding like an old married couple. He looked at me and asked, "do you want to be?" And got down on one knee, complete with ring and piece of broken glass from all that time ago. The entire bar below knew (my best friend told them all) and cheered when I said yes.
    Still one of my favorite stories to tell. We have been married for almost 8 years, through ups and downs, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    Christmas Eve 2008 in my wife's living room. She thought she had finished opening her presents...
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    My fiance proposed to me on our first evening (at sunset, on the beach) of our first trip to CSA! It was perfect! We got an entire week to enjoy it with each other before we had to tell anyone! I was absolutely in awe of how perfect he had made it for me.

    We actually just booked our next trip to CSA! August 28-September 7, 2013. Our wedding will be on 8/31/13. That's also his parents and grandparents anniversary! I'm very excited
    Becky & Daniel

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    The ideas in here that you've shared are pretty cool and amazing It is actually a part of an engagement. It is actually the role of the male partner to even surprise her bride to be of a very different way to promise her girl of a marriage in a certain period of time.

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    Well ours was a long time ago but it seems like just yesterday. A good friend of mine from New Zealand who I had introduced to his future bride decided to come to San Diego (where we live) to have the wedding. He asked me to be the Master of Ceremonies to which I gladly said yes. The wedding was at the beach in La Jolla. Beautiful but a bit windy.

    After we all went to the reception and I was performing my MC duties.... Well the wedding got Patty all up in the air about why we were not married (as many of you probably have experienced at weddings). So as the party went on, the cake was cut, the couple had their first dance, the toasts had been said and the general dancing we about to start. Well, I took this occasion with mic in hand in front of 200 people, on the say.....Patty will you marry me! Patty burst out in tears as did most of the other ladies in attendance. The guys mostly just looked at me stunned.

    Well she said yes and we have been happily married for 23 years. The couple that got married that day have long been divorced with the woman remarried. My Kiwi friend will probably never get married again and still in jest blames me to introducing him to her in the first place...

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    Our engagement was a COMPLETE shock to me...
    It was the third concert of the night at the middle school I direct bands at, and it was finally over Family and friends applauded the students. Smiling, I took a bow and happened to notice some movement coming from the far end of the bleachers. There was my amazing boyfriend, Dan, walking toward me with flowers in his hands. Wow, I thought, what a sweet guy. We smiled at each other as he approached, but when he got to me, he blew right past to the microphone. I was perplexed as his voice filled the room.
    "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask for a moment of your time. My name is Dan H---, and I'm the band director at Cumberland High School. More importantly, I am Miss R---'s boyfriend." He grinned. The crowd (and kids) hooted and hollered their approval as I blushed and smiled, and he handed me the beautiful bouquet. I smelled the blooms quickly, still smiling, but wondering where this was going... The concert had already gone about 10 minutes past my ideal time frame, and I was concerned about overheated parents and antsy toddlers throwing tomatoes or Cheerios. Dan's smooth voice continued into the microphone."I thought since Miss R--- and I are both music educators and we both love teaching and we both love music that this would be the perfect opportunity to ask her a very important question." The audience collectively gasped and a few started cheering immediately, as his hand went into his pocket and fished for the ring box. It suddenly dawned on me what was happening and I thought I might faint - but what I really wanted to do was jump up and down and squeal like a child. I put my hands to my face and started laughing. "Kim," Dan said, turning to look at me, "I love you." He went down on one knee and held the ring box out. "Will you marry me?" The crowd erupted, students high-fived each other, and people got to their feet as I nodded and we embraced and kissed - even though there are no PDAs in school.

    We married almost exactly a year later, honeymooned at CTI, and are thrilled to celebrate our anniversary at CN this December/January! <3

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    CSS at the cliffside gazebo!! It was perfect not a cloud in the sky, stars were out, waves crashing in the background. Was TOTALLY surprised!

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    Here's my entry into that contest.
    Scene: as the two of us sat on the couch on the night of Boxing Day
    Her: "At what age do you see yourself settling down and thinking about getting married?"
    Me: "?! Um.. well, I'm pretty much ready to get married anytime. I figured you might need a little more time." <unsure>
    Her: "Oh no, I'm ready. You might not be." <confidently>
    Me: "Ok. Let's get married then." <calling the bluff>
    Her: "Sure. You wanna wait 'til the summer to set a date?" <serious tone>
    Me: "Nope, if you wanna get married, let's set a date." <"Is she really serious?" <getting excited>>
    Her: "Ok when?"
    Me: "The sooner the better. I mean if we're both ready, why wait? We're pretty much living in sin right now."
    Her: "Ok how soon? next week?"
    Me: "OK. I dont have any money for a ring."
    Her: "I don't care. I don't need a fancy ring.""
    <kissing and adult stuff>
    After dating for about 2 years, we were married on Feb 26 2000, 2 months less a day from our "proposal".

    Here's a 2 year old family pic
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    The parents made us wait two months so a wedding could be planned and family could come.

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