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    Default So Where Did You Get Engaged?

    I'll start! I got engaged on a glacier in Alaska! It was so romantic! My fiance hired a helicopter tour that landed on a glacier and he got down on one knee with everyone else on the tour shocked! It was great! So where/how did you guys get engaged?
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    Wow Jessica thats is an amazing place, you will never forget.

    My official place was in Cuba by a waterfall, unofficial was during a camping trip a few years before that.

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    I got engaged at our housewarming party...
    Here's the story... my fiance' was like... You have to choose, we can either buy a house or i can buy you a ring. I'm very logically minded so i said, right now is a good time to buy a house, so lets do that first. So after months of searching we finally found a house we liked and we bought it. 2 months after buying it we threw a housewarming party for our friends and family to see our new house. Little did i know... my fiance' went out and bought me an engagement ring with the tax refund $ we received from buying a house.
    I was SHOCKED! anyone who knows me knows that that is a difficult task. I was so surprised. He called everyone into the living room and we said our "welcome"s and "we love you"s to everyone and then he started rambling on about how he loved me. I actually elbowed him and was like... what are you doing? no one cares!! lol I noticed my cousin had her camera out and was recording and i even said to her... you're lame. Before i knew it he was on one knee and i wouldn't believe it! My mom screamed "I knew the whole time!!!"
    I know its not as exciting to read, but he truly surprised me and i'll never forget those moments as long as i live.
    I Can't wait to read other people's stories!

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    sunstarsmoon: Nice Cuban waterfall! Oh, I loved where we got engaged and yeah, I'll never ever forget it. He was such a sweety!

    Ashntommy: I enjoyed reading your story! LOL it would be funny to see that video with you thinking people where being lame and wondering what was going on! Priceless!

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    i have it on dvd... it was more in my head than anything.. but i did say a few things outloud. Its great to watch. I was seriously SO surprised! lol

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    We got engaged on V- Day 2009. Her's our story...

    My FI and I had been together for 4 years at the time. I was preggars with our second child. To start, my FI has made us dinner plans, but the pregnancy was really rough so I was not interested in going out that night. I think I may have screwed up the dinner proposal plan, so he took our, at that time, 3 year old son and said he'd be going to get dinner. When they finally returned, my son ran up to me with a giant bunch of white roses and said" Will you be with my daddy?" I was like what is going on! The FI came in with another bunch of roses and got down on one knee and proposed. My son was jumping up and down! It was the sweetest thing ever!!!I was very surprised, feeling, sick, and in crocodile tears. We knew we'd get married, I was just not expecting him to propose at that moment. I was still very sick, so he made chicken noodle soup and ginger tea for dinner. It was perfect, a V-day I'll never forget!!!

    We've been together for 6 years, have two adorable children (daughter and son)and will finally be official on May 20th at CSA!!!!!

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    NegrilBride27 - was a nice story

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    awww that is so sweet!! He did a great job, even though you ruined his plan. lol Im sure this was wayyy better than a typical dinner proposal though. Congrats!

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    Nowhere NEAR as cool as the glacier, but I popped the question at a car meet for a national group I help moderate.

    For months, Jamie had been beating me up with "we're never going to get married" etc, etc, not knowing I had a ring already bought and stashed in the house. All of our friends were privy to this and we all had to be VERY nonchalant during the complaining.

    Then, the car broke down before the meet. Cue more "oh, now its REALLY never happening because you have to fix the thing".

    We headed down to the beach for an East Coast gathering, and lined up all of the participants in a parking lot for group photos, a banner for our national site, and a bunch of folks. Everyone there was aware of the pending question, and we decided to do "pictures of couples in front of the group". Positioned in front of the banner, I got down on one knee (vid an cameras snapping)and she promptly proceeded to sit on my knee...until she noticed the ring.

    Cheesy? Maybe to some, but we both share a passion for our branding of cars, she never saw it coming, and we have a TON of photos and vid of it surprise.

    Something "romantic" in the traditional sense? She'd have seen that coming from a mile away.
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    Thanks! As far as location goes, we were at home in our condo. Not as cool as the glacier though! LOL Great stories everyone!!!

    @Ash- This was wayyy better!!! Valentine's Day is even more special these days, LOL

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    NegrilBride27 that was such a great story!

    KrisandJamie That was great that you got to pop the question while enjoying something you each have a passion for!

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    We got engaged on January 11,2002 at the Le Gourmet (aka 8 Rivers) restaurant. My husband had this grandiose plan to hide my ring in my dessert, however, when I ordered a flambe'd dessert, so he had to go to plan he got down on his knee and popped the question right there....and now we celebrate 10 yrs married in 2012 and are renewing our vows....with all our friends we've met along the way while going to CTI over the years....only 284 days til the plane touches down again on paradise...

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    Aw That's a great CTI engagement story! I can just imagine what was going through his head when you ordered a flambe dessert! ha ha ha

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    The Butterfly House (one of my favorite places, I love butterflies).

    We seem to really like 4s. Both our birthdays are on the 4th, we met on the 4th, and on our 4th anniversary of when we met he got down on one knee in the middle of the Butterfly House next to a waterfall (also a favorite of mine)and asked if I would marry him. I knew we were going to get married but since he is shy I never expected something so public and on a day that a girl would remember and find important but really how many men remember the day they met? Oh did I mention we are getting married on the 4th also?

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    LRisley- that is so sweet! And your right, not many guys would remember stuff like that! Are you going to have butterflies as part of your wedding?

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    Dave&Jessica- yes, we are having a mass release at the reception but we are not sharing that with the guest until that day, we will have the butterflies at the reception on display. Shh....this is a secret but I am having the seamstress include a butterfly on the train of my dress. It will look like it just landed and came along for the ride.

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    @ Dave&Jessica.....he did say later he had a moment of panic..the resort photographer was making his rounds at the time and got a pic of him on his knee...

    @ LRisley...We too had a butterfly release's to praying for a perfect day for you...we had to release them ourselves the day after our wedding cuz it was overcast, rainy and too chilly to do so...and it was the middle of june too??? go figure..Oh, and where is the butterfly house???? I love butterflies too...but don't put me anywhere near a bird..they freak me out...

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    The Butterfly House is in St. Louis, MO. No birds inside! always nice temp in there too, my birthday is in Jan, and he proposed in Dec we went both days so it was like the start of Jamaican weather.........
    Thank you for praying regarding the butterflies, ours in in Oct. and usually the weather would be ok, but when I expressed my concerns that it might be alot of money to put towards something that we cant do he decided that we would put them on display at the reception and if the weather was bad then we would donate them to the butterfly house or release them the next day, even if we have to drive south to do it! He wants me to have everthing I want and that includes butterflies. I hope you to had a special day on the day you released yours.

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    That is so cool of an idea to put the butterfly on your dress!

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    I could win a contest for the least romantic engagement. Him: "I want to use my tax refund to buy you an engagement ring." Me: "um, wow, great! I'll pick out a few settings I love and tell you the specs on the diamond I want and you can pick one." Him: "No, if I'm spending more money on this ring then I did on my last car, you are going to pick out the EXACT one you want." Me: "Okay, don't need to tell me twice." LOL I must note it's both of our second marriages, we've been together over three years and he told me a month after we met that he was going to marry me. Plus, I was unhappy with my first ring (that I had no input on) and his first wife got a cheap, tiny solitaire for their "shotgun" wedding. So, I'm fine with that non-romantic proposal.
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    LOL that is to funny Stacie. This is my second marriage too. I have to say I am more happy with this ring than my ring I got with my first marriage. He got me one with 6 small diamonds in it (i didn't want something that would catch on things like my first one did). He promised me a new one when his staff sale came up (he worked for DeBeers at the time) but when we got back from our vacation they let him go!!! Not fun. But I told him I didn't want a big diamond anyways (I'd be really upset if I lost it and I would be afraid of it catching on things). So its fine with me really. And we're both happier with where he is working now anyways.

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    We got engaged on May 1st at the finish line of the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon!

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    Wow Jessica, that sucks! Did they fire him because he went on vacation??

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    Update: We are looking at the diamonds and settings I've chosen on Thursday. Hopefully I will have the ring soon. He has promised a "proper proposal" when he has the ring. lol

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    Stacie, nope it had nothing to do with him being on vacation. They basicaly said they where changing things with the company and he didn't fit in anymore...basicaly anyways. Honestly though we are happier with his new job. He makes more money, there is more room to grow, its what he went to school for and last but not least its not for an evil compny anymore :-)

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