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    Sorry if there is already a post similar to this, but I didn't want to take the time to search through all of the boards

    We got back from CSA last week and it was amazing!! I can't wait to go another another vacay We definitely loved the beach, so if (when) we go back, we want to go back to Negril, but we need to decide if we want to go back to CSA or try CN.

    Who has been to both of these, and which one did you prefer & why? What are some of the major differences or similarities between the two? Thanks!!

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    We have been to both, we love both, and it is hard to choose between them. We love them both for different reasons. We were at CN last October and in 1 day 20 hours we will return to CSA! We went to CSS a few years back, it was beautiful, but we discovered we really missed 7 mile beach, so we will only be heading to Negril from now on. I would recommend trying CN and then you can decide for yourself which fits you the best; you really can't go wrong with either one!
    Kent & Dawn
    CSA 2007
    CSS 2009
    CN 2010

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    I agree, try CN. We have been to both aq love them both as knd said for different reasons.. You can't go wrong!

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    Default CN CSA throwdown

    If you haven't seen this you may find the following comparative review useful:

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    We have only been to Couples once so far and we stayed at CSA. But we did the trading spaces to check out CN since its only 5 min down the road. Plus we had friends stay at CN before we went. So here are the major differences that I noticed that factored into our decision:

    CSA has 1 or 2 more restaurant options; seemed to have more night life; is larger (more rooms and longer beachfront) and therefore I thought a little more quiet and relaxing because people were more spread out; has more bars and pools. The buildings look nicer and newer at CSA, but I'm not sure about the insides because I didn't see the inside of the CN rooms. We really liked our Garden View room at CSA.

    CN seemed like because it was smaller, guests were all hanging out in the same area so it seemed there was more socialization among them. And thats not a bad thing, just not what my wife and I were looking for. CN has a nude beach if you are into that. That is also one of the reasons we did the trading spaces, my wife and I had always wanted to try a nude beach. We really enjoyed it and recommend it if you have never tried it.

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