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    has anyone done the dinner on the beach? If so what is a good time for it??? We will be there from Mon-Sat Oct 19-24. Any suggestions???? One lady mentioned they went back to the room after and there was rose petals everywhere. Does the hotel do that or do you do that???

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    I surprised my husband with a private dinner a few trips back at CTI. And to us, yes it was worth the $150!! It's not something I'd do every trip, but it's great for a special occasion.

    You can email the resort or the romance concierge ahead of time (which I did) but they technically don't book it until you arrive and confirm. So it's up to you. If it were me, I'd wait until you get to the resort and check out the weekly schedule so you can decide which night you want to have it. The only night I wouldn't do it is on your first night there. You'll be too tired to enjoy it. They don't do them on the night of the beach party.

    The menu is pre-set, though they will check with you prior to make sure it's okay and if you have any special dietary needs. It's typically filet and lobster, but we go in April when lobster is out of season, so we had prawn.

    At the table, we each had a menu that was rolled up and tied with string. When we opened it, it had our names at the top, with the date and had hearts all over it. The perfect souvenir for framing. Here's what our meal was:

    Appetizer: scallop ceviche served with papaya vinaigrette
    Soup: Jamaican pumpkin soup enchanted with aged rum
    Salad: exotic lettuce accompanied with herbed goat cheese and lychees honeyed vinaigrette
    Entree: petit filet mignon accompanied with sambucca flavored tiger prawns dijonaise and cognac sauces
    Dessert: east meets west chocolate desire

    We also had our own server, who got us anything we wanted from the bar and made sure our wine glasses were never empty.

    Now, we were just at CSA this past April and noticed that on several nights, they had multiple private dinners set up on the beach. One thing that they did not have that we did, was the white canopy over the table. Instead, at CSA, each dinner was surrounded by copper tiki torches.

    There are several romance packages that you pay for at the resort, one of them being the rose petals in your room. You can arrange this with the concierge at the resort if you'd like. Here's a link to some of the other ideas:

    I hope this helps![/
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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