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    Default vevegetarian dining at CSA?

    Are there many vegetarian dining options?

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    On the menus, and off. SweptAway has a great pasta bar in the Palms restaurant every night. You can also ask your waiter; perhaps the chef can pull something together for you!

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    Yes, plenty of choices.

    And during the day Seagrapes serves all Veggie lunches....

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    Seagrapes... I dream about this place, all the time! This is probably a selling point for me when it comes to CSA and I am not even a vegetarian anymore. We have eaten everything on the menu, and tried most everything else they offer and it is just what you want when you are sitting on the beach or out enjoying all that CSA has to offer.

    To the original topic.. Sorry, got off on a rant there. Everyone of the restaurants will work with your dietary concerns for each and every meal. If you are concerned about it you can talk to one of the chefs when you get there and discuss your options. I have not done this but have heard about it on the message board before.

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