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    Default If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!!!!

    So, here's my question/dilemma....My mom will be attending our wedding on October 23rd at CSA and she is what you could call a little bit of a "picky eater"! She eats no spices, seasonings, medium-well cooked meat, or as what most of us call FLAVOR!!!! She is always a good sport and has no problem finding something to eat no matter where we are. I know that several of the restaurants serve your typical American Food but my question is whether or not some of the finer dining restaurants have options for her? Plain chicken breasts, steak with nothing but salt and dash of pepper, etc.... The first hurdle was getting her on a plane for the first time in her 50+ year life and now I want to make sure that she has nothing to stress about the entire time she is there!


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    At SweptAway, Mom will have so many options, her head will spin...

    They have a pasta buffet at the Palms... if she can't find something on the menu there (or at the other restaurants) she can simply request something from the waiter. If its a chicken breast Mama wants, its a chicken breast she'll get!

    Don't stress on this... and tell Mom she's in for a treat!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Let the chef be aware of your needs and I am sure they can conjure up something.

    One of best parts of being in Jamaica is the local food. See if she is willing to experiement. Mama might like it!
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    Plenty of food choices, plenty of non active stuff for her. Don't be surprised she becomes a Couplehloic and is back in a month. Treat her ato a spa treatment. Don't forget to order lite breakfast room service. That may relax her.

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    Jammin Ken, Why would you think his mother who is 50+ needs "non active" things to do? I have been to CSA three times with trip number four coming up in April. I was Open Water Certified to scuba dive last July and was 55 at the time. I was very active on all of the trips and just because someone is over 50 doesn't mean they can't or don't enjoy the same things the younger crowd does.

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    My parents came to my wedding at CN last August, they are vegetarians. At one restaurant, there were no vegetarian options. I mentioned it to the waiter, the chef was out in a few seconds, asking what they liked because he was going to make them whatever they wanted. And it was delicious!!!
    Also, I agree with another poster, my parents have returned to CN on their own since then because they loved it!!

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