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    Default Question on getting to CTI from Negril

    I booked the Couples Secret Rendezvous for the last 5 of 8 nights in Jamaica, and just found out I will be going to Couples Tower Isle. I wanted Couples Swept Away, but obviously was okay with going elsewhere! Glad I booked a hotel in Negril for the 1st 3 days since I really wanted to see the Beach/Sunsets!

    Still need some advice though about getting to CTI from Negril (for relatively low cost - but time efficient). I had asked Couples' customer service via email, but have yet to hear back...but its only been 1 day. I figure that if I can make it back to the airport from Negril I can catch the Couples shuttle, but don't know if I can access the lounge in the airport since I hear it is past security????

    Transfer companies want about $50 each roundtrip from MBJ to Negril, and they stop at who knows how many hotels on the way. A taxi would be about $140 roundtrip. Both of these would be transfer only and not include any excursions (easily add $100 for 1 excursion).

    Thought about renting a car for 3 days while in Negril, and then could make my own excursions from the a la carte hotel, and would work out to be cheaper than transportation and taxi to excursions. I am not a timid driver, as I grew up in San Francisco and have rented a car in Mexico each time I've gone there. But I've never been to Jamaica before, and never drove on the other side of the road (but it sounds like fun).

    But I need to figure this out QUICK...I leave in 3 days!

    I guess I will post this several other places to see if I get some suggestions back faster.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has ideas,

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    I would not recommend renting a car unless you are used to driving on the "wrong side" of the road, dodging goats and cows is not an issue and you know how to honk before passing. Also, if you think gas is expensive here, it is more so there. If you get back to the airport, you will not be allowed to go into the airport to the lounge so not sure how you could meet up with a Couples shuttle. I know that people have used Couples' shuttle when doing split trips between Negril and Ocho Rios, but they are staying at a Couple's. You might inquire if you are able to get a Couples shuttle from CN or CSA to the airport as they could make your contact with the shuttle to CSS and CTI. It may however be faster to just book a private driver. We return to CTI in July and can't wait. It will be trip 5.

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    First, you really don't want to rent a car, there is more to driving in Jamaica than just being on the other side of the road. Jamaican's do a lot of signaling with their horns and there are rules of the road that are very uncommon in other countries. I'm not sure the rules are written and they sure aren't instinctive. The pace can be very fast, the roads are quite narrow and curvy in places and you need to be able to react quickly. I just really wouldn't recommend it, seems to me an accident in a foreign country could put a real damper on a vacation.

    You can't get back inside to the Couples lounge at the airport, as you said. But others have made the connection but getting to the airport and having one of the bag handlers or someone go inside to the lounge and asking a staff person to come out and meet them to let them know you are there and arrange your transfer.

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    Thanks for your help...I am still awaiting to hear from Couples to see if I can hop on the Shuttle in Negril. But I suppose in the meantime I will just plan on taking a transfer to and from Negril/MBJ.

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    You will not be allowed to use the Couples shuttle from Negril back to Montego Bay even if you are willing to pay for it. Several issues with this, one being the shuttles pick up the riders in the lobby of the resorts and if you aren't a guest you can't get in. If they make an exception for you then they have to make an exception for everyone else who asks...and this actually comes up fairly regularly. The shuttles are contracted by Couples to carry Couples guests to and from the airport. We stayed at a resort in Montego Bay for several years and the shuttle that was included also carried guests for other resorts, it was not as nice as the Couples experience so we definitely don't want this to change. That shuttle was packed and made many stops (as you refer to in your original post), it was a pain, one year we actually held pieces of our luggage on our laps because the shuttle was so full. I feel your pain and I hope you find a reasonably priced way to get to and from Montego Bay but I hope Couples never starts accommodating people in your situation. I think when you get on the shuttle to Ocho Rios you'll see how awesome this experience is.

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