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    Default Favorite drinks!!!!!!

    I will be getting married at Tower Isle in August & I'm bring a whole bunch of friends...anyone have drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) to recommend? I've read about a Ting Tang (Ting & rum...) & I'm looking for some more drinks to put in my info packet about the resort...THANKS!!!!
    I'm marrying my best friend!

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    Congrats and you picked a GREAT place. Been to CTI 3 times and #4 will be this September. ALWAYS drink watermelon daiquiris.

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    Jamaican Browning !!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Tanquery and Ting!

    My wife loves Hummingbirds and Dirty Banannas.

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    a Dark and Stormy
    a Calypso
    a Bare Hug

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    Dirty Banana!!!! And Jamaican Rum cream straight up.
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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    My standard answer, the next one. I really like Ting and vodka or rum cream on the rocks.

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    Everyone must try a Bob Marley at least once. Also Hummingbirds are great.

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    Pineapple delight w/ Vodka
    Hummingbird, Bloody Mary (good morning drinks)
    Rum Punch
    Vodka and club soda w/ lime (change of pace from all the sweet stuff)
    Ting and vodka

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    MVPs, mudslide & Miami Vice

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    I'm with Ninny....MUST do at least one Bob Marley Shot. Then following with all the Hummingbirds you can handle. We did alot of Bob Marley shots one night and I must warn you, it causes you to sing One Love and the bartenders will laugh at you...with you

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