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    Default TA reviews - questionable at times...

    Going back to CN next week. Very excited!

    I always read TA reviews to pass the time, and often wonder about the legitimacy of some of the negative reviews. One posted yesterday made me nervous for a second, until I considered the possibility it's either someone looking for something for free, or a rep. of another property.

    Can Couples access the real name of the person leaving the review, and actually confirm they stayed at the resort when they said they did, and if they claim to have reported a problem, if they actually did?

    It's frustrating to read negative comments that really give me the vibe that they're not legitimate at all, and are affecting peoples view of the resort.

    It is nice when a Couples rep. comments on the review. I hope they will do so for the recent negative posting.

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    I think that resorts can somehow find out who wrote the reviews as I've seen comments from management referring to the complaints written on TA.
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    I am a DE for TA on another forum and it is also frustrating to me the reviews I sometimes see. TA does little to monitor the validity of a review and I have seen them from people who did not ever even stay at a in the world do these even get posted when they do not meet the basic standards?

    I report these but rarely are they pulled.

    It is unfortunate but TA really does not do much to assure the validity of any reviews or posts. I agree that it is positiive that Couples management does respond from time to time though I would be surprised if they are allowed to access the personal details of any poster.

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    Generally these posters have one post. They bash a resort and are never seen or heard from again.
    When I use TA, I look at the overall ratings and I also look to see what other resorts a reviewer has been too. Most of the time they post one negative post and that is it.
    I find poster on TA who have numerous reviews tend to be much more reliable.

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    CathyJoe is correct. Take the worst and best reviews and ignore them. Some people only post negative reviews on there too I've noticed. So look at their other reviews if concerned. Chances are they just can't be pleased and enjoy hating life. It's sad that some people are like that but it happens.

    If you have been before I think you know better. I am amazes at some stuff people write on there.

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    I don't think that having one review makes the review bad or a lie. I think people are more likely to write a review when they are really upset because things were bad. I have written all of one review ever and that was for a really bad hotel. Someone from management responded that I was obviously from another company because that was the only review I wrote. I'm not from another hotel and the one I reviewed was truly horrible. The toilet was not connected to the wall or floor other than where the pipes went in so every time you would sit down the whole thing would move, all of the lights in the bathroom were burned out and none of the locks on the main door worked. The deadbolt would not turn, the regular lock that locked you would when you close the door was not working at all so the door could always be pushed open and the lock at the top of the door with the ball and loop was snapped in half. It looked like someone just pushed on it really hard and it broke. We asked for a new room but there were none so we just stayed in it since we had been driving all day and part of the night and there was not much else around. We pushed a night stand in front of the door and tried to sleep. Those were just a few of the bad things at that place! It was just ridiculous to me that the management was able to post a reply saying I was lying when I even posted photos of the toilet and locks. I didn't get an email or anything from the management or TA when they posted the reply. I only knew because I happened to be on the website looking for another hotel in the same area for a later trip and saw my review. I don't believe TA gives out personal information and I actually hope they don't. I don't want my contact info given to the guy who said I was a liar form another company. If they want to contact me they can do it through the website like anyone else would.

    People are so much more inclined to complain than they are to compliment so having one review does not discredit someone necessarily. Sometimes a review is just plain ridiculous but even those are probably based in truth to some extent. By the time the reviewer gets home and writes about it they have probably told the story a bunch of times and have been stewing in that anger for a while so the story tends to get worse. Also, once one or two bad things happen they can only see bad things for the rest of the trip. It's the same with people who say everything was perfect and not a single thing went wrong. They were just so happy and having such a good time that they were able to overlook the small things that were not so good. No trip is perfect because no person is perfect, some people are just willing to overlook it and some are not. Also, some people have unrealistic expectations or don't know what they are getting into.

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