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    Default Private Champagne Cruise @ CSS

    Has anyone taken the private champagne cruise offered at CSS? I saw this mentioned on the MB--I didn't know CSS had such a cruise.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!


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    We have done it on mutiple occasions we usually do it 3 times in 14 days. Hubby loves boats (can't swin but loves the water).
    It's great - one time we were at CSS but our son was at CTI and he was not well and needed some medicine, we booked a cruise and Christopher (very nice man great driver)took us up to CTI and we threw the medicine on to the pier, thats why we love Couples their employees go above and beyond!!

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    Default champagne cruise

    We were not aware they did this. Is it arranged through the watersports people? Any idea the $$. We will be going there in Oct and I think that would be something special to try since I won't do Dunn's River Falls anymore since each time I had to have my knee scoped when we got home. My fault totally. I appreciate any info anyone can share.

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