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Thread: July 4th Week?

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    Default July 4th Week?

    My fiance and I are getting married on June 30, 2012 and are planning to go to CN for our honeymoon (and our 3rd CN trip) right after the wedding. That means we'll be traveling and at CN during the week of July 4.

    For those of you that have been to CN or flown to Mo Bay during that week, how were the crowds? I know we'll pay a bit more for flights because of the US holiday, but we can start looking and watching prices in August this year.

    Our previous trips were in mid-May and mid-August, and I know CN was only at approximately 40 percent capacity during our August trip. Are we going to feel overwhelmed by how full the resort is during the July 4 week?

    The other option is to wait a month and go in mid-August again, when the rates go down a bit more (not enough to wait based on Couples rate savings alone), flights are a bit less expensive and the resort is presumably less full.

    Any suggestions? Previous honeymooners - what's your take on going on a honeymoon right after the wedding vs. waiting a month or so?

    Thanks all!

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    I don't think you'd feel overwhelmed with the crowd during that week. If it were me I'd go immediately after the wedding. Congrats!

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    We go often to Jamaica over July 4th weekend. We fly JetBlue and book your flights as soon as they offer them for sale. The rates are very good but go up fairly quickly.

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    We go to CTI every year during the week of the July 4. The resort has not been busy.
    Irie Mon

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    There is some sort of time frame that you must travel in after the wedding in order to get the honeymoon perks if that helps at all. I can't remember how close to the wedding it must be but it is one the website somewhere.

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    We always go to CN around the 4th of July holiday. The resort never seems full. I really don't think 4th of July week is an extra crowded time. We got a very good deal this year, cheaper than last year. Hey and my thoughts on the honeymoon- go right after the ceremony. You'll remember it forever.

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    We where at CN between 30/06/2009 - 14/07/2009. At that time one of the blocks was being refurbished but I am not sure how full the rest of the resort was.

    We never felt like the resort was too busy and had no problems getting a sun lounger or waiting at a bar/restaurant.

    We would be returning this July, however we have brought our trip forward a month, as my sister is due to have a baby the end of June.

    On 1st July, there was a Canadian flag for Canada day and on 4th July, an American flag to celebrate 4th July. From memory, there was nothing else really done in the resort for these holidays.

    I do remember a game of 'Name that State' happening, and some people seemed to struggle with the fact that we did not know specific facts about each state as we are from England and therefore could not really take part in the game. lol

    I would definetly reccomend going in July. I cannot help in relation to the honeymoon question as not married, engaged or even living together.


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    Here is the link to the honeymoon page

    It does state that your arrival must be within 30 days of your wedding as Melody pointed out. However, many couples have taken delayed honeymoons and still been granted these perks. All you need to do is contact Couples to be sure they are aware. Couples is all about romance and accommodating people...within reason (I'm quite certain a honeymoon delayed 5 years won't qualify ).

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    UpstateNYer - My fiance and I are getting married June 30, 2012 as well! We are travelling to CN for our honeymoon from July 2-7, so maybe we'll run into each other!

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    Congrats mlf! We're getting awfully close to the 6 month countdown...We're Jess and Jason from upstate NY. We'll see you there!

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