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    Default New to the boards. Just saying HI!

    Greetings everyone.

    New to the boards, and just booked our honeymoon at CSS for November 2011. We are so excited. This is our first trip to Jamaica and Couples.

    We are getting married Nov. 5th, and 2 short weeks later, off to paradise.

    Just wanted to say hi as I browse the boards for tips for our honeymoon.


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    Let me one of the first to welcome you to our Couples family.Even though November is so far away, you can continue to be excited between now and then. So by the time your vacation rolls around you will simply be ecstatic.

    As a veteran of 31 trips to Couples, one to CSS, 30 to CTI, I can say with absolute certainty, you will find the experience to be one of the highlights of your lives You will talk about it long after you return. More than likely, you will want to book another trip as soon as you are able.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You have picked the finest spot in the world to begin your lives together.


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    HI!!! You are spoiling your new bride by taking her to CSS GOOD FOR YOU!

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    Welcome to the family. Congrats on the upcoming wedding and enjoy.

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    Welcome! We have been to CSS 3 times, so we're not seasoned veterans, but have finally figured out (we think) how to best navigate the resort for our needs. Since CSS called to you, I am sure you will love it!

    If you are looking for more photos or detailed review, send me an email at and i will be happy to share our experiences.

    We are in our early 30's, enjoy watersports and scuba, serious R&R, the drink of the day and staying connected (business, sports scores, puppy updates, etc). We've done a few excursions, included and extras (Dunn's, Zipline at Mystic, Horseback riding at Hooves, Jetski snorkeling), but only venture onto Sunset beach when clothing is permitted. We have never traveled to Jamaica in November, but you can search for comments about weather that time of year. Not that it matters, once you're there everything is good.
    Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!
    - Kiki

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    Wow, thanks everyone for the very warm welcome and the congrats on our upcoming wedding!! We are so excited for both and November just seems so far away!
    I can honestly say I think we are just as excited, if not more about the honeymoon than the wedding. LOL!
    We went back and forth choosing between Couples and another resort in MB, but in the end, YOUR reviews made our decision a no brainer.
    So honestly, a huge thank you to all of you!

    @Richie - 30 times at CTI, that says it all!

    @Jamerican352005 - Maybe I am but she so deserves it!

    @Lindad - Thank you!

    @Kiki23 - We are in our 30's as well. Her in the early part, me in the latter. Thanks for the offer on reviews and such. If we have any questions, we will be sure to ask.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Hello and congrats! You are going to love CSS. The swim up bar is lively in the afternoon, so check that out. Enjoy.

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    Today is my first day browsing through the boards as well! We just booked our honeymoon for June 13-17 at CN! First timers!! The more I read on here ... the more excited I get. 90 days from today I'll be there! We went to Vegas last year and that was my fiance's pick ... CN was my pick just from what a friend told me about her honeymoon last year! I couldn't be more excited to start my marriage off at CN!

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    I am brand new to the boards as well. It is nice to see you got such a warm welcome. My first trip is next month to CTI. It is our postponed honeymoon. Congrats on the wedding! Married life has been AWSOME!

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    Thanks Margi, we will be sure and check it out!!

    Congrats to both of you, K&J Whitlock and cenebd1, on your weddings as well.

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