We booked an Ocean Jr. Suite for our honeymoon in October. And we have a couple questions...

*Does the Ocean Jr. have BOTH a shower and a tub?? (I have to have my showers!)-if not, how do you request a room with a shower?

*Do you have to make reservations at any of the restaurants? Or can you walk right in and expect a seat right away?

*Sunscreen-how much is enough!?! I never use sunscreen in good ole Iowa (although that has come back to bite me in the butt with a few good sunburns throughout the years). But we are definately going to be using it in paradise because we do NOT want to miss out on anything while being miserable with a burn!
2 spay cans enough for 2 people - 5 days?

Thank you for your help...and I am sure I will think of more. I like to be prepared!!