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    Default Fond memories from past stays at Couples Resorts

    Do you have any fond memories of past vacations at Couples?

    For us it was the fun created around the 2006 April Fools invasion of Couples Negril. Over 86 couples came together in friendship to share thier vacationing experience at CN. All they had in common was the Couples Message Board.

    New friends meeting old friends and becoming one happy family of Coupleholics.

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    What are your fond memories?
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    Way too many wonderful memories at CN to mention. I would not know where to begin or where to end. Just wish we were there right now making more memories. Just doing nothing but laying on that beach or floating around on my floatie are THE BEST memories. Those memories are what I picture when things are bad & I need to go to my "happy place".

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    Are you kidding? They are ALL fond!! There has never been one moment that I have thought bad or bitter thoughts about CTI. Every moment there is a moment is paradise!!!

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    All my memories are fond. One that really stands out is August 2008 when our group, that had all met on the message board, dressed as pirates for the cat cruise. We had so much fun that we repeated it this year.
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