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    Default Steel drum band at CSA

    My hubby and I were at CSA last June and came upon a show at the Palm's one evening. Steel drums, dancers, and singers!! It was incredible. I can't remember the name of the show but we are returning in May and I would LOVE to see it again. Anybody know the name of the group or how I can find out if they are performing while we are there? Thanks

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    Not sure but it could have been The Silverbirds. We saw them at CN and they were fantastic
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    Probably the Silver Birds. We enjoy that show very much!

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    They were great. Very talented group of young musicians.

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    We were just at CSA - Feb. 26th - March 6th and had the enjoyment of seeing the Steel Drum Band called The Silver Birds. You can find them on the internet. We would have liked to have purchased a CD but didn't. We checked with the concierge but none were available so we will do so on-line. They were excellent!

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    I believe they are called the Silverbirds, but I am not sure how to find out if they are playing for your next stay.

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    I believe they preform once a week. We were there for over a week in April and saw them twice and then again when we were there in October.

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    The Silverbirds play at the Beach Party every year at SweptAway... we never miss 'em!

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    It's the Silverbirds and they play Wednesday's at the Palms. They are truly a talented group of young people and we never miss their show at CSA. Having seen this post I have had to go to youtube to get a little fix. lol

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    Thanks guys so much for your help! I will be looking for them when we go in May!!

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    I just bought their CD!

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    Take a look at the Silverbirds here I've got a feeling - YouTube. Probably the most entertaining and energetic show I have seen!

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    We got to meet a couple of the Silverbirds last Wednesday at CSA when they were attempting to pull a roll-a-way bed up a spiral staircase to their room. Apparently they stay at the resort the night where they play.

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