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    We are returning to CN for our tenth time in September. We heard from a friend Mesha is no longer there. Has anyone been there recently? Is the menu different? Is the food still great? Wouldn't mind some new food. The menu was in need of some variety. Are the soups still great? Repeat dinners?

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    We are at CN right now and the food is still fabulous! I loved the pumpkin soup but last night we had a delicous spicy tomato based soup at Lychee. All good mon!

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    I believe he spells his name Misja, but in any case, we didn't notice a big difference while there in February (and he was gone by then). We were told that Andre, the Sous Chef, was temporarily on his duty and that Stefan Spath would be at CN several days weekly to help out. I'm not sure if they have a permanent replacement yet.

    The menu at Heliconia was a bit different. It was a “bistro” style menu (as opposed to the Pasta/Italian menu of the past). That may have nothing to do with Misja. Worth noting - normally risotto is not that exciting to us but at Heliconia it is amazingly good.

    We still loved the soups.

    Repeater dinner was great - same menu but you sit in Lychee now instead of Otaheite. Actually, maybe it was even better as we had lobster which we haven't had at the repeater dinner for a few trips.
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    The Heliconia had changed form an Italian restaurant to a Mediterranean restaurant last January while Misja was still there. Tyrone Jackson was still in charge and the food was fantastic. Still had the same lasagna and a few new things that were fabulous!
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    Thanks everyone! They sit in the Lychee now for the repeaters dinner, do they? The last several times we have gone the repeaters dinner was outside. Such a big group! Says a lot about Couples Negril! I actually preferred sitting outside.

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