I am getting married on October 9th in Las Vegas. After spending a few days in Sin City and partying with family and friends, we are heading to the wonderful, peacful, relaxing beaches of Negril! We are staying at CSA and can't wait. I remember when it was 10 months away and now it's a mere 68 days until I feel the white, pure sand between my toes. My fiance found Couples on the internet a while ago and I remember asking him "Couples? What is that?" At the time, we were considering the "S" all inclusive. This message board is why I know we made the right decision! I check in a few times a day to see what's new and read about other people's experiences. (I'm sure my productivity at work will be better when I get back!!!). Trip Advisor is also a favorite site to visit simply because I love reading about how wonderful this place is. I feel like I can answer questions for "newbies" or people considering Couples. But since I am still officially a 'newbie' also, I will wait to repsond to posts after I return! The pictures truly look like heaven! By the time I get there, I already know what to do and who to look out for!

I can't imagine a better way to start my married life with the man I love than a week at CSA!

Thank you everybody for the posts! I can't wait to start planning trip #2! We are thinking about TI next time !