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    Default CSA - Room Service / Mini-Bars ?

    Is it true that CSA doesn't have room service (breakfast in bed) nor mini-bars ? Drinking in the room is semi-important to us. From what I've read on this website those services are not offered at CSA, but it doesn't come out and say they don't anywhere either....

    Can anyone clarify for us ?

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    All this info is right on the website:

    Do you offer room service?

    All four resorts offer continental breakfast in room. Just fill request card (located in your rooms’ information folder) and place it on the outside door knob the evening before.

    If you look at the room descriptions, they also all say there are stocked mini bars in each room.

    Hope that helps!

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    There are mini bars in every room now I think. I know they are in the verandah suites. You have about 3-4 bottles of liquor (rum, vodka, gin I think) and a mini fridge with juices, Pepsi, 7th, Ginger ale, and Caribe beer. You have a sheet to request what you want stocked each day. Red Stripe not available for some reason in the room. I'm sure Caribe is cheaper.

    As for room service, it is a basic continental type breakfast. You have a door hanger you can fill out and select what you want and what time. Leave it on the door by 2am and they will knock on the door in the morning with it. You can select fruit, juices, pastries, etc. It's nice to wake up to and get you going but we always eat at the Palms or Patois later. Lunch doesn't start till 11 so get a good breakfast. Some days we would be starving at 10 and just have to wait.

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    Where did you hear this? You sure didn't read it here.

    All rooms at CSA have mini bars. It may or may not be stocked when you arrive and if it is stocked it may or may not have the items you prefer. There is a "menu" provided for you to request the items you want in your mini bar, fill it out and they will stock it with those items. Remember that you need to fill it out daily to request the items you want, you don't fill it out once to have it stocked with those items everyday.

    You specified that your question about room service applied to breakfast in bed and CSA does offer this service, they do not offer other meals but they do offer a continental breakfast. Again there is a menu for you to complete any day you want breakfast brought to your room, you also request the time you want it delivered. It is a continental breakfast, not a full breakfast, but it is certainly a wonderful way to start your day.

    Perhaps you would enjoy visiting the CSA web page and learning all that CSA has to offer.

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    We just came back from CSA on April 2nd. They definitely do have mini bars in the rooms. The fridge comes stocked with standard items which are refilled daily. You will also have a slip in your room on which you can request more specific items be placed in your room the next day. As for room service-you will find slips in your room to be placed on your doorknob by 1 am the night before where you can place your breakfast request and the items will be brought to your room at a time you specify. You can get coffee, juices, fruit, pastries, croissants etc. It is lovely eating breakfast out on your verandah. Enyoy!

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    WRONG! Breakfast (well pre breakfast food) is delivered to your room...& I think all rooms now have bars ( they are not mini bars...full bottles of wine & spirits, loads of beer & soft drinks) Happy days

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    We were just at CSA in January. ALL of the rooms now have mini-bars.

    Continental breakfast is available for room service. There are cards hanging on the door knob in your room. You fill it out the night before and hang it on your door. You specify a half-hour time frame (e.g., 7:00-7:30) for delivery.

    It is true that room service is not available for other meals at CSA. But the restaurants are so wonderful, in six trips to CSA, we have never wanted for room service. When we stayed at CSS two years ago, we only ordered room service twice during a 10-night stay.

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    No its not true.

    CSA has breakfast for room service just not lunch or dinner. And all rooms have a mini bar.

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    The only room service available at CSA is a continental type breakfast delievered to your room. You can get cereal, pastries, juice, coffee...those types of things. As for mini-bars, I know when we were there in September some of the rooms had mini-bars. We were in a beachfront verandah suite and had a mini fridge stocked with beer, soda, water, and juice. We also got select bottles of alcohol for our room. I want to say that I heard somewhere that they were adding the mini-bar to every room but I can't remember specificaly.

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    All rooms offer a limited breakfast menu for room service and all rooms also have a minibar. The breakfast options are a variety of pastries, cereal, juices, milk, coffee, maybe tea, fruit and maybe something else but I can't remember. The banana bread is awesome. It isn't a huge meal but it is really nice. We order it as a pre-breakfast breakfast once in a while. We also order it if we have an early departure or appointment like diving or at the spa. One important thing to remember is not to leave it in your room! We don't even eat it in the room really, we take it right out to the balcony. If you do eat it in your room remember to put the tray outside the door when you are done and put any leftovers that you want to keep in the fridge. Bugs will move in FAST to get to those dishes and crumbs.

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    Indeed, no hot breakfast in bed. You can order a continental breakfast from a menu in your room the night before; juice, coffee, pastries and fruit are offered I believe. It will be delivered to your door at the hour you select.
    We have never missed having room service, restaurants are only a short walk away and meals are a delightful experience with the terrific staff and the atmosphere of meal times.

    I believe that mini-bars are in all rooms now at CSA. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

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    CSA does have an in room mini bar and fridge...we've never been, but I initially booked Couples over other places because it had that included so I know it is...if you go to the Accommodations section, it will say "stocked mini-bar" in the descriptions.

    There isn't room service there though, but they do offer a small continental breakfast delivered to the room, which I've heard consists of coffee, juice, a few pastries and fruit.

    Hope that helps!
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    If you look at the room descriptions for CSA you will notice that the rooms come with a stocked mini-bar. Also, I don't beleive that CSA offers room service but am under the impression that they will deliver a cont. breakfast to your room if you fill out your card the night before. Cruise the message board here, read all the info about the resort and read the FAQ's. You will get all the information you need to know from those sources.

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    All rooms at CSA are now equipped with minibars.

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    All rooms in all categories have in room bars and mini fridges, it is listed in the room descriptions..Also they will hang a sign on your door everyday, just check off the items you want in the morning and what time you would like it delievered and hang it on the outside of your door when you go to sleep, and it will arrive in the morning at your specified time.

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    There are Mini Bars in every room I've been in. And you can order Contenital breakfast by hanging a card on the outside of your room door by a certain time the nite before and the time you want it delievered is on the card. Very easy even I can do it.

    Just 5 more days till we return home to CSA !!!!


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    Haven't been to CSA yet (4 more weeks!!) but I know that I've read on this board that they DO have mini bars And breakfast room service.

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    CSA has a continental breakfast room service - fresh fruit, muffins, danish, cereal, coffee & juice.

    All room categories have stocked mini bars, so no worries! If you go to accommodations under the Swept Away tab you can read all about each room category.

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    We stayed at CSA last year. I can't remember if they had room service. I do know they had a fully stocked mini-bar in the room. I mean fifths of liquor. Rum, vodka, whiskey, scotch, gin. Then a small refrigerator with beer, soft drinks, juices, water. So having a cocktail in the room was not an issue. The beer was a beer called Carib. It was really good, better than Red Stripe I thought. The soft drinks were Pepsi and Ting. If there was room service we didn't partake as the restaurants are so good we enjoyed walking along the beach to get a bite to eat.

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    I haven't heard about this! I'm leaving for my first trip in June... mini-bar in room is a little more than semi-important! I would also like to know what the deal on this is? (posted before mod updated thread, sorry!)
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    ALL rooms have mini-bars and you can have breakfast brought to your room.

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    All rooms have stocked mini-bars which are restocked daily and you can get Continental breakfast served to your room.

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    All rooms have mini-bars and continental breakfast delivered to your room.

    If you look at the description of the rooms under accommodations for CSA, all rooms show mini-bars.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Read the room descriptions. I think they ALL have mini bars.

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    No Red Stripe in the room??? Nooooooo! Lol

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