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    Default Where are the Atrium rooms at CSA? Anyone have a map?

    Hello! We are booking our 5 year wedding anniversary trip to return to our honeymoon site of Couples Swept Away. We splurged the first time and stayed in a Beachfront Verandah Suite, but this time we're pinching our pennies a little more.

    We're trying to decide between an Atrium room or Garden Verandah. I read that some GV's face the street, etc. Does anyone have a map so we can see exactly which rooms on the property are the Atrium rooms? The map on the website only tells you one of them.

    Are there any other pros and cons for the GVS vs. the Atrium? It seems like the Atrium should be more expensive, but it's the cheaper of the two.

    Thank you!!! Can't wait to return....April 2012!


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    The Atriums were less expensive for some time because the GVS were updated but now they are back to being more expensive.

    I don't consider any of the GVS to "face" to road since they porch side seems like the front to me and the porches do not face the road.

    I don't have a map on my computer that shows the rooms but you can figure out which ones they are on the map on the website. The older side of CSA is on the left side of the map where the smaller buildings are. There are four rows or layers of buildings on that side. The ones closest the the beach are BFS, the next two rows are Atriums and the slightly larger buildings near the road are the GVS. There is only one row of Artiums between the BFS and the lobby but in the rest of the are there are two.

    I would choose the Atrium. The balcony is larger and has a hammock. They do not share walls with the other rooms int he building so you have windows on all sides and there are screens and shutters in the windows instead of glass so you get an awesome breeze.

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    The Atrium Suites are located between the original Beachfront Suites and the original Garden Suites (which have now been re-catalogued as Garden Verandah Suites, I believe).

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    None of the GVS's face the road. All rooms face the beach on the verandah side (though not all rooms have a view of the beach that's the direction they face) and the entrance to all rooms is on the opposite side or the side toward the road. The GVS's are closest to the road and some complainers have indicated that these rooms "face" the road. There is a staircase and a solid door on that side so do you really care? Also there is foliage between you and the road, it's not like at home where you just peek out the window and watch the cars going by.

    As price changes go into effect I think the atrium rooms are going to move up in price category as many people love them and they are quite popular. I can't recall where that puts them in relation to the GVS but it should be more about what you prefer as the two rooms are different, the price category shouldn't indicate to you which room is "better".

    Maybe someone will be able to provide you with a better map but I'm not sure that one exists that labels EVERY room. The one you are seeing gives you the general idea though...the GVS's are in the general area of the one that is marked on that map and the atriums are also in the area of the one marked. Since you've been to CSA before if you remember the had a BFVS, the GVS are the last row of buildings behind your room, the ones between were OVS. The atriums are on the other end of the resort, they were the rooms with the hamocks on the verandah if you recall where those were.

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    Go to the CSA page and roll over the red blinking lights when Atrium light up that is the row right behind the BF Suites in the old section.

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    The atrium suites will not be the cheaper ones if you are booking for next year. They are in the older section behind the beachfront suites. They go anywhere from the Palms down to the new section. Having stayed in both book the Atrium suites.

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    Who cares? LOL Look at this amazing room - from the new photo shoot and soon to be on the new website.
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    Couples Resorts

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    YES RANDY 71 days I will be sitting in that hammock, soaking up the sounds and the smells!!!! Oh relaxation here we come!

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    Provide an email address and I will forward to you the CSA map referred to by sherrynchuck that "labels EVERY room".
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Having just spent 8 nights in an Atrium room, I can concur that it was awesome! Nice new photo that's going to be posted Randy!

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    We are booked for an Atrium for 11 days in July. We have stayed in the Oceanview Verandah on our two previous trips. We are excited about this room. Just hope I can get in the hammock without being on the floor.. Is there a chair in addition to the couch seat and hammock?

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    Default Hi

    Quote Originally Posted by NeedBlueWater View Post

    Provide an email address and I will forward to you the CSA map referred to by sherrynchuck that "labels EVERY room".
    Can I get a copy of that map too?

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    On the balcony of a 2nd floor Atrium suite, a hammock is on one side and the couch and coffee table/end table are on the other side. It's lovely!
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    If you have a map that labels every room I'd like a copy as well...I sure didn't imagine one existed.

    sherry @ lostshoeranch .com

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    One more request for a map here.. if possible


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    Hello everyone! I have not been able to get back on here and have just now read through everything.

    NeedBlueWater - please send me that map.

    those of you who have stayed in the Atrium rooms, are there any advantages or disadvantages to staying on the 1st or 2nd floor. Do you get noise from the lobby or restaurants.

    We're booked for April. I wish it was now!

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    Atriums are our favourite rooms. We have stayed on both first and second floors. I think for us we prefer first floor but second is probably more private. We have always been in the rooms around the south lawn { I think its south as my sense of direction diminshes down there}. It is around the wedding gazebo. it is the middle of the resort and we just love staying in that area. Never hear road noise. well maybe the odd honk but unless you live in a rural area no worries. Certainly far enough away from the palms so no worries there.

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    Brennie - and anyone else - have you ever stayed in any of the Atrium rooms that have the ocean view? Is it a full ocean view where you can hear the waves, or just a partial? I'm assuming those really aren't as private as the others. What's your take on those vs the ones in the middle? THANKS!

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    Have only stayed in Atriums around gazebo. I may be wrong but I think there are very few atrium rooms that give full o/v.There may be partial view with some. As for hearing waves at night a bit depending I think again on where you are on the resort. Have to say those tree frogs are pretty loud though.The atrium rooms are really great. Hammocks are wonderful for a late afternoon siesta.

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    Name:  Copy of SANY1832.jpg
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    A few of the Atrium Suites have a full ocean view, a few a partial view. We just stayed in an Atrium Suite and although we couldn't see the Ocean, we could hear the waves breaking and it was only about a 100 step walk to our beach chairs. We absolutely loved the Atrium!

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    Default Question

    Quote Originally Posted by sb61692 View Post
    One more request for a map here.. if possible

    Does anyone know what the bathrooms look like with the Atrium suites. We leave in 10 days and we have been to CSA 2 other times and decided to book the Atrium suite this time....We are hoping it has a large shower and no bathtub.

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    Here is another nice real photo map of CSA. You can see the atrium rooms, the small buildings on the north side of the map, in the center of the property.

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    Can I have it too?

    Thanks so much!

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    Me as well for that map, please.

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    I would love a map as well... Also, someone gave an idea of 1st vs 2nd floor.... my question is... where on the map do you want to be... in the middle? That way you're a stones throw to everything, or on the one side where you're far from the one side, but close to the other... Thanks

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