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    Default Couples Negril Review March 7-14 2011

    I'll post this on TripAdvisor as well.

    I found all the reviews I read quite helpful to me before my trip... I felt I kinda knew a lot about the place even before I went, so I'll do a quick review here and hopefully help others.

    Escaped the cold and flew from Canada to Mo Bay. Customs line was long, but my wife has some leg probs and cannot stand for long so we got her a wheelchair and were through customs fast. Had a couple of beer in the lounge. Changed into shorts and tshirt. (There is a only a tiny washroom... it would be awesome if they could have a change room or two, as everybody wants to ditch their jeans.) Hopped on the bus. I gave the luggage guy a few bucks. It's not much to us, but a lot to him. The bus ride to CN takes over an hour. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Gave the driver a few bucks as well.

    The resort, in short, is awesome. I don't have any major complaints whatsoever about the place. I'll break my comments down into a few general categories:

    BEACH: The beach is likely the nicest I have ever seen at a resort. It's soft white sand, and really wide. Trees everywhere for shade. The water is calm, clear, and rock-free. I was told that the CSA section of beach is awesome as well, but narrower, which means you might get asked more to buy stuff from the vendors, as you'd be more near the beach edge. At CN, the vendors come by frequently, and I know they need to make a living, but it can be a little annoying sometimes. If you sit back a bit from the beach, you can tune them out if you want. Anyway, the beach is a 10/10.

    ROOM: we got a deluxe beachfront room, in building 6, second floor. It was near the front of the building, next to a suite, which was empty as far as I could tell. The room is dated a bit, but you only really notice it in the washroom, with some slightly discolored tile and old-ish fixtures etc. But everything worked. There were some tiny ants hanging out in the washroom, but they never were much of an issue. I can see them freaking out some people though. I had read that you can't see the beach from any of the rooms..... Well from our room, lying in bed, all you could see was beach and ocean (and the old Grand Lido in the distance). The view was incredible. At night we'd turn off the A/C, open the patio doors and listen to the waves. Building 6 is also closest to the main restaurant and the main pool, so we were always close to everything. We loved our room. Oh, there was also a direct view of the nude beach section, but that novelty goes away pretty fast.

    FOOD: The food was excellent all week. We did the continental breakfast room service a few times, which was nice. We used the cassava breakfast buffet most days, and that was excellent. During the day, we'd usually eat at the beach bar, where you'd order from their small menu, and sit by or on the beach and munch away. We also ate at the cassava lunch buffet a couple of times. During the evenings, things get a little bit more formal, and you sit and order from a menu. We did this at the cassava, the Otahate, the Asian Lychee place, and the Beach Bar place (name escapes me now). Everything was excellent. I am amazed that a resort could do food this well.

    ACTIVITIES: There is always something to do. We did the snorkel trip, the catamaran trip, rented a jet-ski, did a shopping trip into Negril. Played a lot of sports, and my wife had some massages. The beach buffet on Thurs night was a highlight. The food and the entertainment was excellent.

    STAFF: The Jamaicans are awesome people. Get to know them a bit. They really are incredible people. We made a lot of new Jamaican friends during the week. I hope to see them again. These people try hard to make your trip whatever it is you want it to be.

    OVERALL: This was the best resort I have ever been to. There is a really good "vibe" at the place, and it's in a paradise setting. I recommend it highly. Go to CN !

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    We just booked last night to go in August, and your review makes me glad I picked CN. I was so torn as to which resort to return to. Glad you had such a great experience. That is how we felt when we went to CSA last year.

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    Excellent review. We have been to CN three times and all three times it felt like "home". Can't wait to return.

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    Great review! Thanks for posting it.

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    Thoroughly Enjoyed Your Review!!! We Absolutely Love CN !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Thanks for the review!!! Every review on here makes me thankful I have picked CN for my first Jamaican experience!

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    We'll be there in May for our second visit to that resort, can't wait!

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    Great Review. So glad you had a wonderful time.

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    Sounds just like the CN that we know & love. Glad you had a great time .... How could you not ????

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    Thanks CanadaMark. Great review and like you we haven't gone yet but feel like I know the place from all the wonderful reviews posted here. Yours is just one more.

    Our first trip is Sept 10-17 and then because of all the wonderful reviews we have also booked for Sept 2012. Can't wait until that trip when we get $400 in resort credits, repeaters dinner, t-shirts.

    Fellow Canadian, eh? Where are you located?

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    Thanks for your review! Glad you found CN as lovely as we do.


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    Thanks so much for the review...we're heading to CN for the first time in a week! Can't wait!

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    I hope i'm not mistaken, I tought I read your review on TA and I saw that you're from Moncton ;0). We are also from Moncton and leaving for CN on Monday...hope you had a wonderful vacation and we'll have to compare notes...LOL! Cheers from Moncton, but alot less snow in Jamaica.

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    Great review. Going to CN 3/24 to 4/2. Two prior years at CSA, but wanted to check CN out. So glad we are going soon!

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    Angela and Jason, how long will you be at CN? Heading there on March 28th. I'm a Cape Bretoner living in Vermont. Would love to chat!!

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