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Thread: Music at CTI?

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    Default Music at CTI?

    We went to CN in 06 and there was bob marley music playing from speakers around the pool, beach grill, lobby and it was wonderful to hear. Do they do this at CTI? Just wondering.

    46 days Dan&Amanda

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    We are going there next week, I really hope they are playing Bob Marley and other Reggae music! We have been to other resorts and they were playing American top 40 music and we were dissapointed because we wanted to feel the vibe of the island. We put on the local radio stations in our room and listen to the talk radio and music, it's great! The talk radio really informs you of the whats going on in the island's society. The music stations are awsome, you get to hear the music that the local's are into. All different styles of Reggae music, from dancehall reggae to old school Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

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    As I recall, the swim-up bar and TI bar have iPod docking stations for music. I'm not real clear on the Patio bar, since any music from the stage would be heard there. It's all wonderful! Enjoy my favorite resort and give any staff you see a hug from Rae and Dave, the cheeseheads! TIA

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